GPS Tracking Assists Review Sites


Review Mobile Apps Utilizing GPS

yelp-logoEveryone can agree that a good review can go a long way in helping a business, and a bad review can sometimes go even longer. In today’s mobile era, accessing detailed reviews from online resources such as Yelp or Google Places has never been easier. This is because these review websites have created mobile apps that people can use on their smart phones. Mobile apps that will find top-rated restaurants, reliable auto-mechanics, the best wedding photographers and pretty much anything a person can think of or search for. However, these detailed reviews from popular review sites would not be so easily accessible if it were not for the GPS tracking components now engineered in every mobile communication device.

Businesses understand the importance of reviews and that is why many of them offer discounts for customers who write good reviews or check-in at their establishments. For example, a local Temecula establishment called Crush & Brew will give those wine/beer tasting or simply dining in a 10% discount off their total bill if they use the check-in feature on Yelp, a feature that calls upon GPS. There are other examples as well of businesses that want to provide an incentive to those who check-in to their place using a mobile review app such as a restaurant offering a free soft drink. These incentives are offered because the businesses know how much more frequently review apps are being used by consumers. Consumers deciding where to spend their money.

How GPS Tracking Helps Mobile Review Apps

Review apps call upon the GPS tracking chip embedded into a user’s smart phone, using the satellite technology to pinpoint the location of the user. Once position is determined, the review app will find surrounding businesses. This will allow the user to check-in to a particular business, or simply read the most recent reviews about that particular establishment. People using Yelp can also draft a review about their experience with the business, and are even provided the option to take a photograph and upload it along with their review! “People trust genuine, unbiased reviews by the average consumer and that is why companies like Yelp have been so successful and continue to grow in popularity among smart phone users”, a Tracking System Direct marketing specialist exclaimed.

With GPS allowing users to locate nearby businesses and access the latest reviews draft about those businesses, consumers will be given the most up to date information. This is important because information is the best thing any consumer can have before deciding where and how to spend their money.