GPS Tracking Autistic Children


GPS Tracker Helps Girl With Autism

How A Tracking System Boosts Safety

AutismFor families dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder, safety and security are always of top priority. This is because interruptions in cognitive patterns and developmental delays are common in kids and adults suffering from autism. People with autism may have trouble communicating via spoken word, socializing with friends or strangers and seeing potential dangers in their environment, resulting in a perfect storm of problems if they ever become lost or wander away. There can be nothing more frightening for a parent than the thought of having a child go missing, but the nightmare is only worse for parents of special needs’ children because those who suffer from autism often will not communicate for help. One family in the Tampa area of Florida knows all too well the fear that comes with having a child with autism wander away, but thanks to a GPS tracking system company in the area, they can always be connected to their daughter.

Karen Splain is the typical mother dealing with atypical circumstances. She is one of the many people in Florida and throughout the nation struggling to find steady employment due to the economic downturn, but she is also the parent of a child with autism, Meagan Spain. Meagan is now a 19-year-old girl, and due to her severe form of autism she has often had a tendency to wander away or become lost. Although thankfully she has always been found by her family or local authorities when she has wandered away, her mother has spent sometimes upwards of 7 hours trying to find her daughter when she has gotten lost. After hearing about the Splain family situation, a local GPS company who specialized in manufacturing tracking devices decided to help out by supplying the Splains with a free GPS tracker.

GPS Tracker

The tracking unit that the local GPS monitoring company provided the Splain family would allow not only the family, but local law enforcement agencies in the area to access Meagan’s location if she ever became lost. The data could be instantly accessed through real-time tracking, allowing concerned family members or police to quickly find Meagan. The tracker should ensure the autistic girl’s safe return if she ever wandered away.

Local authorities estimate that when elderly people suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease wander away that it costs the city nearly $7,000 to perform search operations.

Karen was extremely thankful to the local GPS monitoring company for their special gift that will most certainly help keep her daughter more safe and secure.

Source: Gulf Breeze News