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Hollywood has never been a stranger to bringing audiences the incredible through movie magic. What most people don’t see though is the intense movie shooting schedule, 20 hour days, setbacks, problems, and more than all go into the making of a single feature film. Wanting to give his audience a more intimate feel of the movie-making process, Aaron Paustian has chosen to carry a portable tracking system everywhere he moves during the filming of his latest movie Hardcore Hearts. “I am hoping fans will follow the tracking system data updates so they can see all that goes into the movie-making process”, stated Paustian. He also recognized that people wanting to participate in the film as extras could easily locate where the film was being shot anytime or any day. Paustian expressed, “There are so many advantages to the tracking system technology, it helps with crew members being able to locate me, extras find where we are shooting, and fans feel involved in our passion”.

GPS Follows Hardcore Hearts In Movie Production

Paustian has been involved in many movie endeavors but feels his latest feature film, Hardcore Hearts, is something all audience members will be able to relate to. The movie is about a band that performs a style of music known as hardcore and brings up questions among the young band members ranging from love, hate, and faith. Each band member has a different set of moral and religious beliefs, and the differing views cause tension and problems as the members pursue their musical passion in the underground hardcore music scene. Paustian explained that the film consumes him every day and night, igniting a passion and fire inside him he never knew existed, and he simply wanted everyone to feel his passion for the film. That is why he choose to carry the tracking system with him during filming. The tracking system created a way for him to connect with each and every fan, something he could have never done without the technology.

The independent film is being launched by Project Rock Productions.

Real time GPS tracker technology is one way many filmmakers are connecting with audiences and fans across the world. Anyone looking for information on the script, actors, or crew of Hardcore Hearts can visit the website for the film, or find them on facebook.