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CaliCalifornia-based TSD has been providing quality and cost-effective GPS tracking system technology to people throughout the golden state for years. However, TSD is not just a southern California company who services local businesses, consumers and police agencies with fleet management devices, but rather a global distributor of the top-performing vehicle monitoring and management technologies. “We have always strived to bring the best GPS monitoring and vehicle management equipment to not only the people in our local community, but across the nation and globe. I see no reason why people should not have access to the absolute best customer service, technical assistance and sophisticated GPS units the industry has to offer”, stated President of Operations Ryan Horban. TSD is a company that goes above and beyond what other GPS monitoring companies offer, making it easy to see why they are the go-to vehicle tracking solution company in California.

Californians are known for being laid back people who want to enjoy the good things life has to offer, but when it comes to business people in California don’t have time for horsing around. Businesses operating in California have many hurdles that other states do not have, such as an increase in traffic congestion and Border Patrol checkpoints. Although some Border Patrol checkpoints an increased traffic might not sound like that big of a deal to some people, they can cause massive delays for service vehicles and other distribution companies. That is why many California companies have begun turning to TSD for the best GPS tracking devices the industry has to offer.

TSD is a vehicle management solutions company that is headquartered near wine country in Murrieta, California. Understanding that thousands of companies throughout southern California were in need of a way to boost routing efficiency, conduct audits of employee productivity and maximize profit, TSD began evaluating technologies that would solve all of the problems associated with poor observation of driving activity. After extensive testing, TSD began to offer the GPS Tracking Key and Victoria tracking system to local businesses to improve operations, and the rest is history.

GPS Tracking For Me

GPS tracking system technology is not only meant for business applications. In fact, more consumers are using the monitoring devices now than ever before to record vacations, teen driving activity and more. TSD has a wide range of GPS trackers that are covert enough to service law enforcement agencies, reliable enough to service businesses and user-friendly enough to service everyday families looking to improve safety. TSD offers free shipping, free software and free technical support for the life of every product, and has GPS experts available 7 days a week to answer customer questions.

Anyone interested in learning more about GPS vehicle management or tracking system technology can contact a TSD GPS expert at 951-704-9503.