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Buy Here Pay Here GPS Tracker

  • Fastest Way To Recover Automobiles
  • Wireless GPS Vehicle Tracker With 3-Year Battery Life
  • No Subscription Fees For One Year
  • Quickly Locate & Repo Any Vehicle

Buy Here Pay Here GPS is the first real time vehicle tracking device designed specifically for auto dealers and pay here auto lenders. This low-cost asset tracking solution will give pay here dealers the exact GPS location of any financed automobile, making repossession easy and safe. Simply remove the magnet from the GPS tracking device and this BHPH GPS will provide your car dealership with remote monitoring for over 3 years before needing a recharge. The tracking system gives real time updates every 4 hours on vehicle location, and when switched to recovery mode can be pinged every minute!


GPS Car Tracker

GPS Vehicle Tracking Device Specifications

Dimensions: 3.51 in x 3.28 in x 0.83 in

Operating Temperature: -4F to 140F

Buy Here Pay Here GPS


  • Use This Device For Trailer Tracking & Construction Equipment Security!

Auto Finance GPS Tracking

OBD ii devices are visible, and connecting each tracker on your car lot to power and ground can be expensive. That is what makes this fleet GPS stand above competing products. Simply remove the small round magnet to power GPS device and begin accessing stop locations, geo-fence alerts, and find out anytime one of your vehicles enters or exits the car lot! Instantly receive low battery alerts and find out where a vehicle is located 24/7. The best part? This tracking system includes a full year of free GPS location service! And if you need more vehicle location updates the investment is only $35 per each additional year of real time GPS tracking service!

Buy Here Pay Here GPS Tracking Device

Car Dealer GPS Tracker

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Finance Company Put A GPS On Your Car?

Absolutely! Most BHPH car dealers have the agreement written into the finance contract that if buyers fail to make payments lenders can utilize asset trackers to recover vehicles. In fact, auto finance departments routinely employ fleet tracking technology to provide an audible payment reminder to the customer, prevent the vehicle from being hidden from a repo man, and provide finance companies an easy way to recover an automobile late on payments.

Wireless GPS tracking devices can be used as portable GPS solutions or installed to the vehicle’s 12-volt system to prevent a vehicle from starting with the starter disable feature! Starter interrupter technology acts as an instant kill switch so buyers cannot drive off with the vehicle if they fail to make payments. Every BHPH dealer needs to protect their vehicle fleet, especially if the car dealer is providing finance options to clients with poor credit ratings.

Are Dealership GPS Tracking Devices Legal For Car Dealers To Use?

Yes, real time tracking solutions are legal for car dealers to use. However, laws governing GPS technologies vary by state, so it’s essential to research your local regulations before implementing a tracking solution. The Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) and other state-specific laws regulate the use of tracking devices for cars, ensuring privacy protection and compliance.

How Can GPS Auto Tracking Improve Fleet Management At My Car Dealership?

GPS tracking devices offer a comprehensive solution for fleet management. Let us explain in more detail. By providing real-time vehicle location data, asset tracking, and lot management, dealers can optimize inventory turnover and make informed decisions regarding vehicle placement. Moreover, connected car technologies and customizable systems enable franchise dealers and BHPH dealerships to streamline operations and enhance customer communication.

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