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GPS Trackers Prevent Nativity Set Theft

The holidays can be a time for fun and excitement for both children and adults, but the holiday spirit also brings out more than its fair share of Grinches. This is because many criminals see the Christmas holidays as an opportunity to take advantage of unsuspecting people. Although most individuals are probably aware that criminals will often cruise through parking lots, looking to find a vehicle stuffed full of holiday presents, many cities are also falling victim to criminal activity. The main target: nativity scenes. However, many towns are fighting back by using GPS trackers to help catch the bad guys who try and steal baby Jesus and other nativity scene figures during Christmas time.

How Technology Is Safeguarding Jesus

One of the more common forms of vandalism and theft occurs when some people feel it’s a good idea to steal the centerpiece of a nativity scene, the baby Jesus. Sick and tired of replacing the nativity scene piece and being victims of theft, what many cities are doing is using real-time personal GPS trackers such as the SilverCloud GPS for defense.

By equipping nativity scene pieces with GPS tracking, city officials, churches, and/or law enforcement agencies have the ability to know if the nativity scene property is ever moved. The GPS trackers give the users the option to view where nativity scene pieces are at in real-time, and also allows for protection via geofence (*a geo-fence is a virtual boundary that can be set that will notify a GPS user if a person, piece of property or asset is moved without authorization)

“We have seen a growing number of cities and homeowners simply frustrated with holiday theft and vandalism, and that is the primary reason behind the increased use of GPS theft recovery systems during the holidays”, explained a Tracking System Direct specialist. “GPS offers so many positive applications, and asset protection is just another reason why the technology continues to grow in popularity as the premier security product“.

What makes GPS surveillance solutions so special is that they give police a quick and accurate way to locate any criminals who steal nativity scene pieces, even when hidden cameras and witnesses are not present. This allows churches and businesses who set up nativity scenes not to hire security professionals or worry about theft because the GPS car tracking systems will be protecting and watching over personal property 24/7.