GPS Tracking With Windows 7


Viewing GPS Data With Microsoft Windows

windows7_logoViewing GPS tracking data from a passive tracker such as the GPS Tracking Key or Flashback GPS requires a person to download data from device to computer where the recorded driving history is then displayed over a driving summary report, LandAirSea digital street map or Google Earth. However, one of the very few drawbacks of the above mentioned GPS trackers is that they are not compatible with Mac operating systems, requiring users to turn to a Windows-based operating system in order to observe GPS personal tracking data. With Microsoft continually upgrading software, Tracking System Direct (TSD) is proud to announce that all passive devices offered at TSD online will work with the latest version of Microsoft windows, Windows 7.

The debate between Apple computers and windows-based products and which is more efficient has been going on for over two decades. In the early 90s, enthusiastic people lined up to purchase Windows 95 and an assortment of other Microsoft products. This same demographic of technology driven people would later purchase iPhones, iPads and the newest Mac products once Apple become more competitive again. However, the most recent brainchild of Microsoft, Windows 7, has been viewed by many as a legitimate contender to the recent surge in demand of Apple products. This is one of the primary reasons why the engineers behind the passive line of GPS tracking system products at TSD made the products compatible with the latest version of Windows.

Key Features Of Windows 7:

  1. More User-Friendly: New tools that make it easy to search, organize and access/view information.
  2. Increased Security: Enhanced security features protecting users from the latest viruses, worms and other online threats
  3. Data Protection: Safeguarded personal data through the use of a multi-tiered data protection system
  4. Increased Performance: Defragmenter runs in background, applications self-recover from deadlock and repair tool detects and cures common performance problems automatically.
  5. Better Manageability: Group Policy Setting feature allows for better configurations and management control over computer.

All passive trackers continue to utilize the Past-Track Software, offering users the ability to view GPS fleet management and tracking data over all of the different formats mentioned earlier in this article. Although the software is now compatible with Windows 7 it will continue to function with previous versions of Microsoft, including Vista and XP.

The passive tracking solutions are not compatible with Mac operating systems at this time, but the engineers are continuing to work on creating a solution for lovers of Apple products.

SilverCloud GPS, a live tracking solution that gives users the ability to access and review data in real-time, has a web-based interface. Therefore, the SilverCloud GPS tracker works with both Mac and Microsoft operating systems.