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What You Need To Know About Ignition Kill Switch Vehicle Trackers

Companies looking to provide an additional layer of security to their mobile assets often invest in real time GPS tracking devices. What makes live GPS trackers such an intricate part of vehicle management is that they provide businesses the ability to quickly mobilize vehicles, document travel history, and bring an overall level of efficiency to fleet tracking. Although having instant access to every company vehicle in real time is a huge advantage in streamlining operations, one of the best features of hardwired GPS trackers for fleet management is the ability to disable a starter. GPS asset trackers with a kill switch disable feature are an effective way of quickly recovering a stolen vehicle, but let’s take a more detailed look at how the technology is utilized among businesses!

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Live GPS Tracking

How Does a Car Kill Switch Work?

Disable The Ignition With GPS Tracking Software

Hardwired GPS trackers with a kill switch work by interrupting the flow of electricity to the vehicle’s spark plug. This results in an automobile’s combustion stopping. However, it is worth noting that by using a GPS tracking device with starter disable there is an increased risk of the vehicle back-firing. This is due to the gas vapors residing in the engine. The most common ways a GPS tracker with engine shut off capabilities functions is by either:

  1. Switching open a circuit that leads to directly to the electronic fuel pump
  2. Opening the starter circuit that results in the prevention of current moving between the car battery to the starter. This forces the car not to turnover when the switch is activated. 

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GPS Tracker Kill Switch

Remote Engine Shut Off For Cars

Remotely Disable The Ignition By Phone Or Computer

Companies all across the globe now turn to hardwired live GPS tracking devices for cars to log mileage, determine if drivers are speeding, document arrival + departure times, and eliminate unauthorized use of company vehicles. However, when it comes to the anti-theft security solutions on the market, no device is more effective at resulting in a swift recovery of a stolen vehicle than a hardwired GPS tracker with kill switch. The reason is that even if a car thief is able to enter a company vehicle and drive away in that automobile, the tracking device will send out an alert that the vehicle has been moved without authorization. Managers can then activate remote engine shut off for the car, stopping the thief right in their tracks!

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Kill Switch Control Tracking Device

Sadly, there will always be theft in this world and small businesses with tight operating budgets need to do everything they can to maximize the safety and security of assets. This is why any company in a high-risk area for theft should research the different hardwired vehicle locators with kill switch features. GPS vehicle tracking systems can provide updates every minute, log miles per hour driven, document location speed, and even provide a starter disable feature. These are only a few of the reasons why more businesses are investing in GPS vehicle tracking device technology.