Hidden Camera Busts Neighbor

Surveillance Camera Records “Crappy” Neighbor

Neighbor Throws Bag Of Dog Poop On Man’s Lawn

Some people do not talk with their neighbors that much, while others are very lucky and have good relationships with their neighbors. However, for some unfortunate people, neighbors can simply be a giant pain in the rear. Whether it is the neighbor who has no concern about maintaining their lawn, the neighbor who refuses to bring up their trash containers until at least 3 days after the trash man arrived or the neighbor who loves to blast music late into the night, we can all sympathize with those who suffer from the bad neighbor. Although identifying a person is a bad neighbor is typically an easy task, one man did not discover he was living near a nightmare neighbor until a hidden camera he had set up revealed that his neighbor was doing more than walking his dog when he would pass by his home.

How The Story Began

One day while doing some work around the front yard, a man discovered a plastic bag near some bushes of his home. He assumed that the plastic bag probably flew out of a waste container on garbage day and really did not think much of it. However, when he picked up the plastic bag he discovered that the bag contained dog feces. The man thought it would be strange that a person would walk their dog, pick up the dog poop and then simply toss the bag of poop so carelessly on someone else’s lawn. This seemed like such abnormal behavior. I mean why would someone even bother bagging the poop in the first place? Once the man disposed of the bag of dog poop he carried on with his day, but when he saw that the very next day another plastic bag containing dog poop was on his property he felt it was time to take action.

What happened next was the man purchased a spy camera that was designed for home security, installing the surveillance gear upon the front portion of his home. After capturing a substantial amount of data, the man reviewed the video tape and was startled to see a neighbor toss the plastic bag containing dog poop on his property. Not only did he do this one time, but multiple times, essentially every time the neighbor took his dog for a walk! In complete shock, the man decided he would continue gathering video evidence with his home camera of what was happening until he could decide what direction to move next.

What Happened Next

Once the proper authorities were contacted, the neighbor received three citations for his acts which included littering, improper pet waste disposal and leash law violations. However, the best outcome was that after about a year, the neighbor moved from the area. Maybe the embarrassment helped lead to the neighbor’s early exit, but whatever the reason may be, at least the poop is gone for good!

If you or someone you know is using a video camera, vehicle tracking system or some other form of spy gear to capture information, the GPS tracking experts at Tracking System Direct ask that you please do so responsibly. If you yourself are ever in a position where your security camera documents a crime being committed it is important that you contact your local police department about the incriminating footage, and not personally confront the individual in the video. If a person is mentally disturbed enough to engage in some form of criminal activity they could engage in a more serious and violent criminal act.