Real-Time GPS Device Sale

SALE: All Real-Time GPS Systems MUST GO!

Live Tracking With Simplicity

Many people may not be aware that the most cost-effective vehicle management and tracker devices are data loggers, also known as passive trackers. This form of GPS monitoring allows the user to acquire driving history without having to pay monthly service obligations. Unfortunately, GPS data from passive trackers must be manually accessed, forcing the user to wait before obtaining sometimes crucial data. Thankfully, real-time GPS tracker solutions have the ability for users to access data live the second action is happening, and no other GPS unit has a better reputation than the SilverCloud GPS

Think of the SilverCloud GPS tracking device as an all-purpose vehicle management solution, providing live updates every 10 seconds with no annual contracts or hassle (other data plan options are available as well). What makes the real-time tracker device different from other systems on the market is that this particular GPS works for essentially every demographic of the user from law enforcement agencies to consumers. The GPS tracker is affordable enough for everyday families to observe teen driving or elderly driving habits, yet sophisticated and advanced enough to offer police enforcement and government agencies an accurate and reliable covert tracking solution. However, the best feature of the real-time tracker device is that it is now ON SALE for the low price of $189.00 per tracker, as the fleet tracking experts at Tracking System Direct are liquidating inventory of the popular GPS monitoring device!

Key Features Of The SilverCloud Real Time GPS

  1. Unlimited Updates Every 10 Seconds
  2. Hardwire & Portable Battery Options
  3. Covert Placement Options
  4. Compact Design
  5. Web-Based GPS Tracking
  6. Fastest Map Refresh Rates Than Any Other Real-Time GPS
  7. Lifetime Technical Support On Hardware

GPS Purchase Online

Many car tracker devices on the market are poorly designed and manufactured overseas, resulting in pathetic performance and zero support. The SilverCloud GPS was built and designed right here in the good ole’ USA, and supported by technical agents actually offer answers instead of reading prescript documentation. Not to mention, LandAirSea Systems, a company based in Chicago that has spent nearly 15 years designing quality trackers for both police enforcement agencies and businesses, were the engineers behind the real-time tracker device.

When looking for a real-time tracker device that has it all, there is no need to look further than the SilverCloud GPS!

Those interested in taking advantage of this very limited sales special can contact a GPS expert at Tracking System Direct, or place an online order through the company website.