Real-Time Tracking With NO FEES!


No Fee GPS Tracking Device

Live GPS Tracking Promotion

One of the main complaints people researching real-time monitoring devices have is that live tracking solutions require a monthly service fee. Monthly service fees can cost upwards of $49.95 per month, and that does not even factor in the activation fees associated with real-time monitoring, making live tracking devices the most expensive form of GPS tracking technology. Although monthly service obligations are an industry standard in the GPS market because live tracking requires the assistance of wireless communication, Tracking System Direct has decided to break the mold by offering the first 500 SilverCloud trackers sold with NO MONTHLY SERVICE FEES!

Yes you read that correctly, real-time monitoring with NO MONTHLY SERVICE FEES! Everyone at Tracking System Direct has been waiting anxiously for the release of the next generation in live tracking with the debut of the SilverCloud, and that day has finally arrived! Looking to start things off with a bang, Tracking System Direct will be having a special promotion where the first 500 SilverCloud units sold will have no monthly service obligations or activation fees. The promotion will offer SilverCloud GPS tracking system users unlimited position updates every 5 minutes. The location-based data that is transmitted in real-time can be accessed via the user’s personal computer or online.

SilverCloud tracking technology has redefined the way people view and access GPS tracking data, providing users access to the most reliable GPS data, while offering the most user-friendly experience possible. There truly are no other real time GPS trackers like the SilverCloud.

To learn more about SilverCloud technology or the Tracking System Direct promotion on the first 500 live trackers with NO MONTHLY FEES, feel free to contact TSD at anytime! This promotion will only be for a limited time and is expected to end within the next two weeks. Therefore, there is no better time than now to experience the power and efficiency of SilverCloud tracking technology!

***Although the SilverCloud does have international tracking capabilities, the promotion only applies to domestic tracking in the United States.