School Bus Kills Teen

Is there an app to track school buses?

Teen Girl Loses Life After School Bus Hits Her

Could GPS Tracking Have Saved Her Life?

school_busesWhen the Phann family left impoverished and war-torn Cambodia they were hoping the transition would bring opportunity and joy. Their new life in the small town of Liberty Township, Ohio was everything they could have ever hoped or dreamed for, but unfortunately no place is perfect or accident-free. Sadly, the Phann family learned this when they discovered their 15-year-old teenage daughter Sodany, who went by he name April, dead in the street near their home after a school bus accident prematurely took the young girl’s life.

Although the details are still being sorted out by investigators and law enforcement agents, what we do know is that around 6:30a.m. a school bus en route to pick-up special needs children was driving on Long Drive with the intention of picking up one of Phann’s neighbors. The bus driver was very familiar with the route, making the stops consistently for a year straight without ever being involved in accident or receiving a traffic violation. However, the conditions were not ideal as rain and darkness limited visibility for both drivers and pedestrians. At some point around that time, it is believed that April crossed the street, walking right into the path of the oncoming school bus, taking her life.

From all accounts it appears that the incident was purely a tragic accident, however, the question now becomes how can the school district prevent a situation like this from ever occurring again?

Many school districts across the United States have been using vehicle tracking system technology to improve the safety of children riding buses, and monitor drivers for potential dangerous driving habits. Real time GPS trackers such as the SilverCloud tracking system that can allow supervisors and other school officials the ability to see where a driver is at, the speed they are driving and the stops they made on their route. All of this GPS tracking information can be accessed live as it happens, or viewed at a later time.

School bus GPS monitoring systems have a proven track record of increasing route performance and GPS fleet management.

The events that occurred in Liberty Township were tragic and unfortunate. Hopefully, GPS tracking system technology will eliminate, or at least reduce the probability of another event like this from ever happening again, but only time will tell if the school districts will utilize the vehicle tracking technology.

Source: Whiotv