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What School Administrators Need To Know About Bus GPS Tracking

School bus fleet management continues to be a hot topic among school administrators and parents concerned about student transportation. But what is routing and planning software for school buses, and how can it help transport management? Let’s take a closer look at GPS transportation software and how it is enhancing safety among bus drivers and students!

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Bus Accident Chattanooga TN 2016

Fleet management software and bus safety solutions made headline news in 2016 when a school bus in Chattanooga crashed, leaving multiple children dead. What happened was a school bus driver was simply driving too fast, which is driving behavior that could have been corrected with a bus manager GPS system. According to reports from crime scene investigators, the driver, Johnthony Walker, was speeding on a narrow road in what was a 30mph zone. Walker allegedly swerved upon an elevated driveway where he hit a mailbox and then attempted to correct the bus movements by making a hard left turn where the bus finally collided with a pole and tree. The bus accident resulted in the horrific death of 5 children. This was a preventable accident if a school bus routing solution that used GPS tracking was in place.

Benefits Of Route Planning Software

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  • Live Video Streams To Observe Students and Drivers
  • Routes And Tracks Entire School Bus Fleet
  • Record Pickup And Drop Off Times 
  • Bus Tracking Parent Apps Keep Parents In The Know
  • Field Trip Management Provides Efficient Routes


GPS technology is quite prevalent in our culture today and is currently utilized by many businesses for fleet safety applications. In fact, the reason why most businesses invest in transportation solutions that utilize GPS tracking is that the real-time units can provide on-the-spot locational data, detailed historical records, driver management reports, and most importantly speed alerts. The speed alert feature, in particular, would have literally been a life-saving tool because it would have notified school officials the very second Walker was driving too fast. Many studies show that speeding is a habitual behavior, meaning if a person speeds once they most likely speed frequently. When Walker was driving well over 30mph in the residential zone he may have done so many, many times before without consequence and felt safe doing so even though his actions were a recipe for disaster. With the help of a GPS vehicle management system, school officials could have nipped that behavior in the bud before it eventually resulted in death.

School Bus Management

School transportation solutions make it easy for administrators and dispatchers to record bus stops, observe how fast bus drivers are moving, provide turn-by-turn directions, and document stop times. Not only does school transportation management technology track students and offer route optimization, but the solutions can save lives. And that is an investment worth making.