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SilverCloud Launch Date Becoming More Clear

cloudsEveryday people from all across the globe contact our TSD manufacturing facility and ask our tracking system experts when the new real-time unit will be available. Unfortunately, there really has not been that much confirmed information available regarding the GPS product launch date until now.

Since our very first post announcing the development of the new live tracker known as the SilverCloud, TSD has been scrambling to acquire more and more details from system specifications to launch date. The initial whispers were that the SilverCloud device would be available in the early portion of 2011, kicking off the new year with a bang, but as it goes with the development of any new product, delays are usually certain. Although an extensive testing process on the final product can often times cause some minor delays, it still appears clear that the SilverCloud device will be available by the first quarter of 2011.

SilverCloud Launch Date Information

TSD tracking system experts have been closely following and monitoring the development process of the SilverCloud before there was even a buzz about the unit. The latest information acquired from our experts is that the launch could come as early as March 1st, or the last third of the first quarter. Of course, launch dates at this point in time are only speculative and are not backed up by any press releases or any other AP documents as of yet. However, TSD can say with confidence that the 3-01-11 date appears to be all but certainly locked in.

More information on the SilverCloud will be released the moment our tracking system experts come across it. The entire staff at TSD would like to thank everyone for their time and patience, as we are all looking forward to the launch of this very exciting product!