Spy Camera Busts Judge

Houston Judge Commits Vandalism

Texas Official Caught On Tape With Hidden Camera

When Adam Kliebert noticed someone was vandalizing his Range Rover by scratching the car’s paint with a key, he decided enough was enough. Kliebert was not going to let some neighborhood teens or late-night drug addicts get away with damaging his personal property over and over again without consequences. What the Houston area resident decided to do was set-up a home camera designed for security and surveillance, installing the video monitoring system on the front portion of his house to view any activity near his vehicle. Although he really was not completely certain what the video data would reveal, he was more than shocked when he reviewed the recorded footage and saw his neighbor committing the act of vandalism. The reason why this was so alarming to Kliebert was that his neighbor was no ordinary man, he was a man who was supposed to uphold the justice system. His neighbor was a Harris County State District judge!

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According to initial reports, the wack-job judge was upset that Kliebert was parking his vehicle in the driveway, thinking that Kliebert should instead be leaving his Range Rover in the garage. Unfortunately, Kliebert was having trouble getting his garage door to function properly at that time, forcing him to park his vehicle in the driveway. “Funny thing is, all he had to do was tell me he had a problem with me parking in the driveway”, explained Kliebert who alluded to the fact he would have moved more quickly to repair the garage door if his neighbor had an issue.

Judge Densen, a man who clearly understood the local laws, decided he would take the law into his own hands in an effort to resolve his personal issues over the matter. The Judge, while walking his dog, passed by the Kliebert’s Range Rover and used his key to damage the vehicle’s paint. When Kliebert told his judge neighbor that someone keyed his vehicle and asked what the potential penalty would be for the crime, the judge explained the typical fines associated with the crime and said maybe someone had a problem with him parking in his driveway.

How clever.

What happened next was Kliebert contacted local Houston Police, informing them of the crime that had occurred. He also notified the authorities that he had indisputable and concrete video evidence that was recorded with a spy camera documenting the criminal acts.

The case instantly became a local sensation, as news crews flocked to write about the unique story. “A local judge keying a neighbor’s vehicle is not something you hear about every day, and I think it leaves a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths”, said one Houston area resident.

After pleading guilty to criminal mischief, Judge Densen was forced to pay $1,500 for his class A misdemeanor offense, as well as restitution to Kliebert. Kliebert believes that the restitution costs will be somewhere in the area of $4,600, bringing the judge’s total penalty in fines to a little over $6,000.

Did The Judge Get Off Too Easy?

Although the judge received the punishment that was appropriate according to the law, should he have received a stiffer fine considering his position and knowledge of the law?

Should the judge be required to wear a GPS tracking system that transmits his position with real-time tracking technology for a year?

Do you think other judges and law enforcement officials engage in criminal activity, abusing their positions?

Source: Houston & Texas News