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Teen Alcohol And Drug Use On Rise


Study Shows Teens Engaging In More Risky Behaviors

More Teens Turning Towards Drugs & Alcohol

teens_drinkingAccording to a survey conducted by The Partnership Attitude Tracking Study on behalf of Drug-Free America, teens are becoming more likely to engage in drug or alcohol experimentation during social events and situations such as parties. The study, which was acquired by real-time GPS tracking company Tracking System Direct, also stated that overall drug and alcohol abuse among teens is on the rise after 10 consecutive years of decline.

The study focused on high school students in grades 9-12.

The statistics reported that there was an 11% increase in alcohol use in the past month among teens who were surveyed the previous year, and a 19% increase in marijuana use, the largest annual increase of usage among all other substances.

Some of the key factors the study attributed to the increase in drug and alcohol use among teens were:

1) A generally more acceptable view toward the use of drugs and alcohol among peers with many teens feeling that drinking and engaging in drug use can be beneficial, making them more likely to have friends or be involved in a romantic relationship.

2) An overall negative attitude and view toward life. Teens with a low sense of self-worth or who struggle with depression tend to be more likely to get involved in risk-taking behaviors such as drinking and drug use. Engaging in alcohol and drug use appears to provide an escape for teens struggling with identity and purpose.

What Some Parents Are Doing

Understanding that before attempting to fix a problem one must know a problem exists, many pro-active parents are investing in vehicle tracking devices to monitor teens. Although a GPS car tracker does not have the ability to tell a parent if a teen has been drinking or using drugs, a teen GPS tracker system can provide parents with detailed information about where the teen is at and where they have been.

One of the more popular tracking devices parents have been using to monitor teen driving and potentially risky behaviors is an affordable passive tracking device called the GPS Tracking Key. This is because the GPS data logger can easily be equipped to the outside of the teen’s vehicle while tracking movement every second!

Source: KEYT