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People looking to acquire information about the latest and greatest tech products often find themselves in a challenging position. This is because we all do not have the information that tech insiders have, or annual tickets to the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas. Instead, we have to comb through the hundreds of different technology review sites that post reviews and product details about the newest devices offered from manufacturers. Since TSD specializes in technology products with our line of GPS tracking system equipment and surveillance gear, finding quality tech review sites that provide easy to understand reviews has kind of become one of our specialities. One of the sites that our GPS experts have been utilizing to gather information on the most current news for the coolest products has been a technology review site called The Gadget Guy.

Who Is The Gadget Guy?

One of the first questions that people ask our GPS experts when they refer someone to The Gadget Guy website is, “Who exactly is this gadget guy?”. The Gadget Guy is actually a man named David Novak that has dedicated nearly 15 years writing about his experience and knowledge of the different gadgets and gizmos that create a buzz throughout the tech industry. Novak, who has published work in everything from The Wall Street Journal to Popular Science, created The Gadget Guy to showcase cutting edge products while offering commentary about product details that the average person can understand and make sense of. However, one of the coolest things about The Gadget Guy website is the diversity of products that Novak reviews.

Although the main focus of content featured on The Gadget Guy website surrounds tech products, other unique items and accessories also get time in the spotlight. These products can include things such as the iPad Pillow, Kosoku Dog Leash and more.

Anyone interested in reading in-depth product reviews about the newest technology devices to hit the market should take a few moments and check out The Gadget Guy website. Why not do a little research on the latest digital cameras, computer tablets or smartphones before investing your hard-earned cash?