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GPS Fleet Tracking Company Trucks

Construction companies and other service-based businesses demand that their employees are working efficiently and effectively throughout the work day even if they are conducting work outside of the office. In fact, many construction companies will often have a large number of staff members working on different projects in many different locations. When companies have both personnel and automotive assets in different regions, overseeing employee performance for productivity can be a challenging task. One of the more modern surveillance tools service-based construction companies are employing to more effectively manage fuel, mileage and performance are tracker devices. Specifically, GPS tracking systems that allow fleet managers and supervisors to view the location of service trucks in real-time with the assistance of a truck tracking app!

Advantages of GPS Tracking Trucks

  1. Accurate Mileage Accounting
  2. Instant Excessive Speed Alert Notification
  3. Stops & Arrival Reports
  4. Detailed Fuel & Route Management
  5. Live Locational Information On Single Or Multiple Vehicles
  6. Historical Driving Records
  7. Total Access To Driving Information
  8. Vehicle Theft Protection

Best GPS Truck Tracking System

Whether a company seeks a portable tracker device or one that has an option for installation, SpaceHawk GPS real-time trackers are the solution most construction businesses call upon. With 5 star online reviews from industry experts and over 10,000 units sold, the SpaceHawk GPS is easily the best GPS truck tracking system. The reason is due to a number of factors that include lifetime access to historical driving records, multiple power options, no service contracts, accurate GPS truck monitoring data, and of course the user-friendly web-based satellite mapping program that efficiently utilizes Google Earth. This allows companies to easily track their fleet of trucks through any online portal with the assistance of a truck tracking app!  With the ability to generate various printable reports in a HTML or PDF format, the SpaceHawk GPS tracker is the tool helping businesses everywhere cut operation costs an increase profit by improved fleet tracking of company trucks.

Small Business Ideas For GPS

The great thing about real-time GPS tracker devices for trucks is that they can meet the simple needs of small brick-and-mortar operations, or massive fleet operations by large corporations. From a small business stand point, live GPS tracking systems can offer an easy method of employee accountability, while also providing a theft-recovery solution. “Small businesses operate on much tighter margins and require employees to perform beyond a satisfactory level”, explained a asset management specialist for Tracking System Direct. ” This is the primary cause why small businesses rely more heavily on real-time tracker device solutions.”

With the current trend of employees misusing company trucks, businesses simply cannot afford wasting financial resources on excessive fuel idling, poor route management or sloppy performance. This is why truck GPS tracking will only continue to grow in demand.

Best Affordable Truck GPS

The recent swings on Wall Street coupled with announcements from the Federal Reserve stating key interest rates will likely be cut is a grim reminder of the fragile state of the American economy. The federal deficit is exploding higher and higher, and small businesses need every little bit of help they can get to stay afloat when wages are down. Businesses no longer have the luxury of purchasing anything they want on company credit cards with no regard for the consequences of their impulsive purchasing. Instead, small businesses must conduct research before investing in anything because finding a deal has never been more important. For companies wanting to buy a truck GPS tracker, the best discount tracker on the market currently is the Driving Activity Reporter.

Cheap GPS Tracking Device For Cars & Trucks

For those not too familiar with truck monitoring technology systems, the Driving Activity Reporter is a no monthly fee GPS solution that acts as essentially a recorder of travel history. Storing geo-locational and position data such as addresses a motorist stopped/arrived at, length of time per each stop, speed a motorist was traveling and more, the truck GPS tracker makes it easy to uncover unknown and potentially dangerous driving habits of an employee operating a company truck.

Since the Driving Activity Reporter was engineered not to transmit data, but rather store data to the internal memory board, the GPS does not have any monthly service obligations or activation obligations. This makes the truck GPS tracker a very affordable device for any business. The hardware of Driving Activity Reporter is priced well below market level, selling for a total of $169.00, which includes the free online software and everything else the user needs to get started. The online software allows the user to view a wealth of vehicle traveling data over Google Earth satellite imaging program, in a extensive and detailed daily driving report that includes hyperlinks of addresses via Google Maps and an animated street mapping program that replays historical driving data. With no service fees, cost-effective hardware and sophisticated reporting features it is easy to see why the Driving Activity Reporter is the best discount GPS tracking device for trucks on the market!

It is very important to note that the Driving Activity Reporter is a receiver, therefore the data can not be accessed and viewed in real-time. This would not be the vehicle monitoring solution someone looking for a theft-recovery solution would require.

How Much Does a Real Time GPS Tracker Cost

Truck GPS trackers engineered specifically for monitoring can get very expensive, depending on how quickly the tracking device updates. The cost on the hardware of a real-time GPS tracking solution can run close to $399.00, with the device requiring the user to pay both an activation fee and monthly data plan ($24.95+) for usage. Some GPS tracking companies even require the user to sign a contract for service, making the user pay costly contract termination fees if the GPS user decides they no longer want to continue service before the contract runs out.

The SpaceHawk GPS is one of the most impressive GPS fleet tracking solutions on the market, and what makes it special is that the real time GPS tracker only costs $99.00 while having no contracts or termination fees of any kind.