Fleet Tracking System

Employee Driving Safety

GPS Tracking Provides Safe Driving For Businesses

Any business that has employees that operate company vehicles must focus on not only the production of those workers conducting business out in the field but also the driving behaviors of them. The reality is when employees are operating company vehicles liability increases. An employee who drives a company vehicle recklessly can not only cause financial strain on a business but also permanently tarnish the reputation of that business. For example, people in a community wouldn’t forget if a Bob’s Plumbing work van crashed into the side of a parked school bus. However, those are the type of nightmare scenarios that can and do happen. Hence the reason why businesses need to focus on driver safety of they want to stay relevant in a competitive marketplace.

Clean Driving Records

This seems rather obvious but can’t be overstated. Employers should do background checks on all employees to verify their driving records. The employee should have a clean driving record and sustain that clean driving record if they are to operate company vehicles. This means no arrests for driving under the influence or tickets for speeding.

Safety Training

Once an employer verifies that an employee has a clean driving record the next step to enhancing safe driving is through training. This can be accomplished by explaining in detail the responsibility of using company automotive assets. Employers can also create incentive for drivers to focus on safe driving behaviors, and many companies already do this with much success. Basically, a company can offer a cash incentive, paid time off or some other reward for employees who don’t get tickets or have any accidents reported.

GPS Auto Tracking

Drivers who don’t have any reported accidents or tickets aren’t necessarily good drivers. They could simply be bad drivers who have been lucky. That’s still not a good thing for business owners though. This is the reason why many fleet managers and employers are investing in GPS auto tracking systems. What’s so great about GPS car trackers is that they record a wide variety of data related to driving activity. This information includes where a driver goes, how long they stayed at each location and how fast they drove that vehicle. In fact, live GPS car tracking technology can even be programmed by employers so they can be alerted via email or text message the moment a employee is driving at unsafe speeds

Businesses aiming to stay competitive must secure their assets and make certain employees operating company vehicles are doing so responsibly. The worst thing a business can do is fail to manage their assets because failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Bad things are possible, but through the use of smart hiring practices, safe driving courses and GPS vehicle monitoring systems, businesses can better manage their assets to reduce and potential liabilities caused from poor driving.


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