GPS Victoria

Real-Time Tracking For Everyone

GPS Victoria Is Ultimate Live Tracking Solution

One of the more difficult things for GPS manufacturers to do is create a device that has the capabilities to service and provide a wide range of users the data and support tailored for each individuals needs. For example, many police agencies require a GPS tracking system that can stay in the field for extended lengths of time, and be built durable enough to withstand rough elemental conditions. Businesses on the other hand, need something they can install to company automobiles in order to improve vehicle management and employee production. Lastly, consumers require a GPS monitoring system that is covert and simple to use. Creating and engineering a car tracker from the ground up that can satisfy everyone’s needs is obviously difficult chore, but finding solutions is our job. That is why Tracking System Direct is excited to announce a real-time tracking answer to everyone’s GPS tracking needs called the GPS Victoria.

The GPS Victoria revolutionizes all GPS markets by mixing simplicity with sophisticated, and bringing everything to consumers and businesses at a extremely affordable price. What makes this real time GPS tracking system different is that it small enough to be used for covert tracking applications, sophisticated enough to acquire the most accurate position-based data and easy enough for everyone to use. Extended battery pack options are available for police and law enforcement agencies interested in extended portable tracking, as well as external cases tough enough to handle the toughest of elemental conditions.

Technical support is also offered for the life of the product, giving users the ability to have a GPS expert or technician walk them through any unique questions they may have about software or hardware.

GPS Tracking With No Contracts: Well Slap Me Silly!

The first thing most GPS monitoring companies want to do is get a tracker in your hands so they can begin collecting the monthly service obligations associated with the car monitoring device. Therefore, they will often times extend discounts on hardware of the initial purchase, knowing they will make ten times more money if you sign a contract that will keep you locked up in service for one or two years. The user would face costly early termination fees if they chose to break the contract early. Most people already have enough things they are tied to for years, such as car loans, mortgages and marriage partners. Your vehicle tracking unit should not be one of those things. That is where the GPS Victoria shines, offering no contracts, no annual fees and no problems!

Service is month-to-month, and if you have received all the tracking data you need then cancel the service with no penalty!

People interested in learning more about the GPS Victoria can contact a GPS specialist at 951-704-9503 during businesses hours 7 days a week. Learn how this live tracking solution will uncover the secret driving habits of a teen driver or employee today!

UPDATE: This product has been discontinued and replaced with a more sophisticated live GPS tracking device known as SilverCloud GPS.


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