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GPS Watch For Down’s Syndrome Kids

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Personal GPS Tracker For Kids

Every parent has the same concern, protecting and safeguarding their children. Although the concern is the common bond between all parents, the method(s) they choose is typically different. This is because kids are all different and require different oversight. This statement rings even more true for parents with kids with ADHD, Autism or Down’s Syndrome. Thankfully, technology is becoming these parents’ ally by giving them a simple way to view where their potentially wandering kids are via real-time GPS monitoring watches.

Real-time GPS trackers engineered as lightweight wristwatches have been helping parents in a number of different ways. One of these ways is through an alert process that will send mom or dad a text message or email if the child with Down’s Syndrome or any other condition wanders off. With the assistance of a cool little feature known as the geographical fence, parents can set up a safe zone via the web-based satellite image program. If the child ever steps foot outside this safe zone barrier an alert is instantly sent to the parent. This can help the parent quickly locate the child before they get lost, hurt, or go missing.

Tracker Device Data: Simple & Accurate

Once a parent makes the decision to have their child wear a GPS wristwatch all they have to do is go online to view historical or real-time locational data. Since the web-based application can be viewed by mobile phone, PC, or tablet system, anyone with access to the user name and password can view the tracking data. That means a father at work could view the location of his child the same exact time a mother was viewing the data from her phone while grocery shopping. Only needing a recharge every 40 hours, the GPS wristwatch can literally give parents two straight days of real-time tracking data. GPS data that can provide those parents with not only live positional information on the whereabouts of their children but also relief that they can instantly locate their children if for any reason they needed to do so.

Real-Time GPS Cost For Special Needs Kids

GPS tracking systems designed as wristwatches for children with Down’s Syndrome or any other condition, illness, or cognitive disorder can invest in personal tracker devices for as low as $339.00 per tracker. Security versions of the wristwatch are also available for $359.00, and provide a locking mechanism that stops a child from taking the tracker off their wrist without the assistance of a parent or caretaker. It is also important to note that all tracker devices that send data over cellular or wireless networks will come with a monthly service obligation. This service obligation is valued at $29.95 per month for a basic real-time monitoring package or $34.95 with real-time monitoring and two-way voice communication. The two-way voice communication essentially transforms the GPS watch bracelet into a speakerphone, giving parents the ability to speak directly to their children. This is a great feature in an emergency situation.

Real-time tracker devices present parents with the opportunity to oversee where their child is at any given time. The tracker systems can also alert parents and are affordable for any family on a budget. This is why personal tracker systems in the form of wristwatches have become so popular over the past year, especially among parents who have children with Down’s Syndrome.