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How long does a GPS tracker battery last?

small gps tracker long battery life

What Is The Battery Life Of Real Time GPS Trackers

Real Time GPS Tracker For Car

Currently, the most popular form of vehicle tracking is through the use of real time GPS tracking technology. Real time GPS trackers are often used by companies with fleet management needs, as well as parents hoping to catch a teen driver speeding or going to locations that are “off limits”. For those choosing not to hard-wire a live GPS tracker to the automobile that they plan on monitoring the only other option is a portable tracking device. Portable GPS tracking systems are great tools to covertly track a car but they do have one small drawback: battery-life. Since portable GPS trackers can’t be powered by the car battery they are left to function as independent solutions that draw power from an internal lit-ion battery. so what is the best gps tracker with longest battery life?

Live GPS Tracker

Small GPS Tracker Long Battery Life

When it comes to live GPS trackers the average battery-life is roughly 20 hours of wheels-in-motion drive time. That might not sound like too much recording time, but the motion sensor engineered in most real time GPS tracking systems help retain battery-life because the sensor puts the tracking systems into a sleep mode when the automobile is parked. Therefore, with standard domestic driving times being factored in the average live GPS tracker will provide approximately 2 weeks of tracking. Unfortunately, that is simply not enough recording time for some users such as law enforcement agencies or businesses. Especially those groups of users who believe where the best place to put a GPS tracker on a car is on the outside of a vehicle.

Top 3 GPS Tracking Systems

Best GPS Tracker With Longest Battery Life

  1. SilverCloud GPS Overdrive: Recognized as the best GPS tracker with the longest battery-life, the SilverCloud overdrive can record over 60 hours straight, providing most users with over a month of live GPS tracking data. Since the SilverCloud GPS Overdrive can also be hard-wired to a vehicle, users who want a hidden GPS tracker for car would need to invest in a accessory waterproof mount for this tracking device.
  2. SilverCloud 2020: A very compact real time GPS, the SilverCloud 2020 is ideal for those who want to mini GPS tracker with good battery-life. Giving users a little over 30 hours of continuous tracking time (or a little over 2 weeks on average), SilverCloud 2020 is a great hidden GPS tracker for small business applications.
  3. Live GPS 54: One of the best-selling active GPS trackers, the Live GPS 54 is ideal for parents of teen drivers, people who suspect their partner might be cheating, or anyone with a simple, short-term tracking application. A portable device with waterproof housing and exterior magnetic mount, the Live GPS 54 will offer approximately 20 hours of continuous car tracking. With a price point under $100, the Live GPS 54 is the most popular GPS vehicle tracker among everyday consumers.

What is the best GPS tracker to buy?

For people in need of a small GPS tracker long battery life the best device on the market is the SilverCloud Overdrive ($299). However, there really is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the question what is the best GPS tracker to buy because each user has a different need and intended application. The best advice is to contact a GPS tracking expert, present them questions, and have them provide their professional recommendation on what GPS tracker is best.

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