Keystroke Loggers

How Do Key Loggers Work?

Technology has completely changed the way people interact with one another, but it has also been a liaison for inappropriate or even downright nefarious behavior. Whether it be a mobile phone, desktop computer or tablet device, electronic communication systems are called upon everyday by businesses, government agencies and everyday people. This is the reason so many businesses and families are investing in keystroke loggers. But what are keystroke loggers and how exactly do the devices work?

Keystroke loggers are devices designed to uncover the unknown activity occurring on work or home computing systems.

Keystroke loggers can be either pieces of hardware or software that can be installed on a computer or mobile phone. The recording technology is developed to log every key a person presses on a keyboard. This gives keystroke loggers the ability to document direct messages, credit card information, personal passwords and more. Keystroke logging software is designed to be covert, operating in the background without the user ever knowing.

Keystroke Logger Potential Users

  • Businesses concerned that employees may be spending more time surfing the web than working, or emailing company secrets to the competition.
  • Parents worried a child may be going to websites that are inappropriate or filled with adult content?
  • Concerned parents who believe a pre-teen or teenager is sending sexually explicit messages on Facebook or other social networking sites.
  • Husband/Wife who believes their significant other might be having an affair. 

Can A Keylogger Be Detected?

Keystroke Logger Detection 

People who ask themselves, “is there a keystroke logger on my computer?” should consider looking into keystroke logger detection to ensure personal privacy. The first step into detecting if a keystroke logger is on a computer is to run an anti-virus or malware detection program. Most security experts would suggest starting this process by running software such as Malwarebytes on the computer suspected of having keystroke logger software on it. Another step to detecting keystroke logger activity would be to select “Control + Alt + Del” all at the same time on the computer, which will open task manager. This should show all programs in operation, allowing a user to identify any suspicious processes running.

Keystroke Logger

Most keystroke logging technology tends to be software-based, but many times businesses prefer a more plug-and-play solution, especially when it comes to recording computer screen and typing activity. In these situations, a small piece of hardware is often used to record a person’s computer. Therefore, people who think a keystroke logger is connected to their computer should look closely at the cables that connect to the computer (USB cables) because often a small piece of keylogger hardware can be between the cable and computer. Sometimes, the keystroke logger hardware is simply plugged directly into the back of the computer via USB or other connection port.

Hidden Keystroke Logger

What Is The Best Free Keylogger?

The most user-friendly keystroke logging solutions have to be purchased but that does not mean there are not some useful free keystroke logging software options on the market. For example, REFROG keylogger software is an excellent free solution for parents concerned about what their kids might be doing online, or business looking to monitor employee activity. Some of the features of this free keystroke logging software includes:

  1. Screenshot Captures
  2. Email Delivery
  3. Keystroke Logging
  4.  URL Monitoring
  5. Web Cam Activity 
  6. Social Media Chats (Facebook)

The best free keylogger software depends on the application of the user, but other popular free keystroke logger programs include Kidlogger (child computer monitoring software), Spyrix (record typing on computer), and Revealer Key-Logger (undetectable keylogger mac).

Can Keylogger Be Installed Remotely?

How To Remotely Access Another Computer Over The Internet

One of the most common questions people researching spy software ask is if a keylogger can be installed remotely. Keyloggers can be installed without someone knowing very easily if the user has access to the computer or mobile phone they wish to monitor. Remote access to a computer or iPhone over the internet requires installation of some form of keystroke logging software, but installing that spy software remotely presents a whole new level of challenges. The first one is the legality of such actions. Remotely accessing someone’s private electronic devices and data is very much illegal. Therefore, people need to be very careful about engaging in such actions. With that being said, there are options available on the dark web that can allow a person to install a keylogger remotely on computer or mobile phone. However, we strongly advise that anyone considering remotely accessing another computer or cellular phone to contact legal consultation.

Are Keyloggers Legal?

Is Using A Keylogger Illegal

Keystroke loggers are very much like GPS tracking systems in that the laws surrounding the use of the devices are not exactly crystal clear. For example, businesses that own computers and allow employees to use them certainly have the right to equip keystroke logging software on the devices. However, if the employee owns the computer that changes things. The best advice for someone concerned if keystroke loggers are legal is that they should contact both local law enforcement and an attorney in the area they intend on using the spy software.

Keystroke Logger iPhone

Free Keystroke Logger iPhone

When properly installed, keystroke loggers can essentially transform an iPhone into full-fledged surveillance system. The keystroke technology allows a user to know content of text messages, GPS locations, photos/videos captured with the iPhone and more. The good news is that not only are keyloggers helpful in assisting parents in teen safety, but also there are a number of free parental control apps now on the market. Therefore, the best thing parents or businesses interested in free keystroke logger apps for iPhone or other smart phone is to simply check the Apple Store, Google Play Store, or other location to download apps and search “keystroke logger

Parents interested in keystroke logger apps for iPhone or other mobile phones should consider researching teen GPS trackers to enhance safe teen driving.