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Putting A GPS Tracker On My Daughter’s Car

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Tracking A Teen’s Car With GPS Tracking

Our team of GPS auto tracking experts has always loved how productive simple discussion can be. That is why we decided to ask our followers on Facebook about their thoughts about parents who use car tracking technology to monitor the driving habits of teenage drivers. When the question was posed we had no idea of the overwhelming response that would come. The debate was productive and both teens and parents chipped in with their thoughts on GPS vehicle management technology and the use of GPS tracking systems among parents. We posed the following question below and received over 100 comments from people in the Temecula Valley. We would like to thank everyone for giving us their opinion on such a sensitive topic as teen safety and the underlying sub-topics of privacy. Feel free to read the comments and make your own judgments on whether or not a concerned parent should use a GPS monitoring system to track their teenage daughter.

QUESTION: I have a friend who is concerned about his teenage daughter driving too fast and going to places she is not allowed to go so he is thinking about putting a teen GPS car tracker on her vehicle. Do you think it is okay for a concerned parent to monitor teenage driving with a vehicle tracker like this or is it an invasion of the teen’s privacy?

Gloria: If I needed to go that far because I don’t trust her I wouldn’t give her a car

Kat: YES. I say if she’s under 18 DO IT! You are still in charge of her for one, for two, even after 18 I’d do it just to make sure. Sure, you can’t say much after 18 but you can talk to her just to make sure she’s ok still. Definitely underage yes though. She needs to learn how to properly drive or take the keys away before she kills herself or someone else.

Ryan: As a parent myself, if I’m buying the teen’s car I don’t see it being an invasion of privacy. You can just say it’s for auto-theft security. And sometimes it’s not about trust Gloria. The stats on teen driving are pretty scary..

Jessa: BETTER SAFE than SORRY. if something bad was to happen they both woulda wish the GPS was on the car. If she’s still a teen , Living under his roof put the GPS on the car. She will throw a fit, pull the ” you don’t trust me card ” & then get over it. Lol I’m 19 & at the end of the day, I much rather have my parents know where I am then in a bad situation.

Kat: I’m 19 too and still agree ^ If it were my kids i’d do it.

Carlos: Do you want a car with an Integrated tracking device..” or “a bike” solves the problem. Just by knowing the device it’s installed she will make better choices

James: Man I didn’t have a car till I was 19 and I bought it with my own money… Kids these days are spoiled and think they can get away with anything especially in Temecula I’d want to know where my daughter really is.

Brandon: Driving is a privilege, not a right. Obey the law or don’t drive.

Kellee: I think it’s just fine! They can have their privacy when they’re adults

James: Is he going to tell her she had a GPS tracker in her car? I would try talking to her first.

Stacey: if they are still a minor, and or still living under your roof, I would do it, if my parents had that option, It would’ve made me think twice…shows they care. And one day, when they are parents, they may even thank you…

Tracy: There is no invasion of privacy in my opinion if they are under 18. I personally think it’s a bit over the top though. If you’re thinking of having to do that they just shouldn’t be allowed a car to drive.

Stacey: I would let her know though, talk about it….tell her why the concern…I imagine there have already been reasons to mistrust, and because they love her, they are putting the GPS tracker in for now2

Jessa: How Is it an invasion of privacy. ? she wouldn’t turn it off UNLESS she had something to hide. If it were my kid it would be an easy car with GPS or no car, you choose.

Jenn: Yes have one on my daughter’s phone and iPad!!!

Claire: I think it’s ok!

Adam: Heck Ya. If they are under 18, there is no privacy when it comes to a car.

Heather: Ok if shes is a teenager if she is still under 18 then he as a parent is on the hook for her welfare So yes he should ever parent needs to know where their kid is – I would use an app on her phone – I use life360 because it’s free and works great. He is totally right to track her or at least till she’s an adult

Jessica: If she is under 18 I really feel he has every right to do as he feels is necessary

Joe: Let’s see???? My car, my insurance, my responsibility, my son, my daughter, my roof. I don’t care how old they are, I monitor. Invasion of privacy??? What is that? My love trumps whatever they are holding, end of the story. It’s not their choice…

Richard: If he raised her right and knew she’d make the right choices then he wouldn’t have to worry about any of that

Grace: Do it if she’s a minor. Actually, if it was my kid, I’d take away her keys until she could be more responsible and trustworthy.

Tawny: Of course it’s ok! Teenagers don’t get privacy!!!

Ryan: Nobody is going to raise a perfect kid. Teens do dumb things. It’s part of life. The stats show teen driving is quite dangerous. I’m just more curious about what the best route is: telling the teen or just hard-wiring the GPS to the car?

Lillie: YES! Of course. Kids hate it when their young but believe me, they’ll thank you later for caring this much

Diana: 100% agree trust is a privilege earned. I kept tracking on my daughter’s phone because I wanted to keep her safe and needed to know I could trust and that she was making good choices. Once I saw she could make good choices the trust was built. There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep your children safe!

Carlos: Not everything is about not trusting a kid. If the car is stolen, the device would help. If the car breaks down and the kid gets freaked out and can’t pinpoint the exact location, the device helps, I can think of worse situations where it’s not the kid’s fault and could even be in danger where the tracking device can help. Just like the tracking apps help when your phone is stolen.

Diana: I tell her if you don’t want her to hind things from you then you shouldn’t hide things from her and tell your reason why.

Sarah: If the kid is under 18, do whatever

Tracy: I would tell them it’s getting put on.

Polly: Honestly, if the parent paid for the child’s vehicle, I feel they have every right in the world to monitor the use of their own property

Daisy: If you want to keep the trust then just tell them. It really shouldn’t be a problem unless the teen is doing some extreme racing because on average, most people speed.

Patrick: Lol! Teen privacy while driving?!? C’mon! The parent will ultimately be responsible anyway!

Teri: Since when do teens get privacy. As long as they live under my roof and I pay the bills, they do what I say. So if I am concerned then GPS, checking emails, text messaging etc, is all part of parenting.

David: Not an invasion!

Tim: I hemmed and hawed about it. In the end, I decided that my daughter’s right to privacy was too valuable to infringe on. Teaching her about the rights our soldiers died to protect was in conflict with tracking her. Kids will get in trouble, one has to rely on the values you have taught them to guide their way.

Alisha: Heck yah!

Amber: Coming from someone who was monitored closely as an adolescent, I hated the protection factor my parents had I’ve me BUT, it saved my A$% a number of times and I’m thankful my parents were so hands-on and attentive to where I was, who I was with and what I was doing

Nicole: Heck ya it’s ok. Until your kid is 18 it is your job to keep them alive

Ryan: These GPS trackers are pretty darn affordable. After seeing everyone’s feedback I’m starting to think its a great ide

David: My kids are 25 19 and 17 and live at home! And they are sons and sons so stupid things! This whole thing of kids are their own people and no invasion crap is why we have kids that act the way they do! Freedom? If they want total freedom and don’t want to tell me where they go then they can move out and be on their own. There shouldn’t be anything to hide

Pete: Invasion of privacy???? That made me laugh

Justine: As long as they are living under my roof, not paying any bills, and I’m still giving them an allowance, then YES. Even if my relationship with them was the best. Teens will be teens and don’t know what the real world is about

Nancy: Well the question is probably would it be better to get a phone call that she’s been in a bad accident or kidnapped or dead? I am not sure I would have done it but I might have.

Laura: If you live in my house then it’s MY rules. When they move out they can have all the privacy they want!

Chris: Underage and/or lives at home, sorry, our rules.

Angelica: Do it! !! From one crazy child of a crazy parent, my mom did everything… including making herself a handle on my chat room website with friends so she could find me. If she hadn’t who knows what I would have done. Most likely if you think she is going. places she should she probably is. I am grateful for the things my mom did…. it took a couple of years but I know it was all out of love from a momma bird!

Michelle: It’s definitely OK. Teenagers don’t have a right to privacy as far as I’m concerned…not when it comes to their safety.

Lesley: It’s a parent’s job to help protect their children however they feel necessary.

Jose: You can do it as long as you are the registered owner of the car.

Bree: Invasion of privacy of YOUR CHILDS LIFE AND SAFETY? Until they are 18 they are a minor and left in OUR care. So if he has those concerns, by all means, I vote tracking.

Cathleen: Track them!

Angela: I have spoken to CPS about privacy issues. You are the parent it is NOT INVADING PRIVACY IF THEY ARE UNDER 18. Even phones!

Jessica: My mom did it to all of her kids and we didn’t even know till we got in trouble

Alex: HELL YES!!!! Without question. That’s is our job as parents. If they are doing things they aren’t supposed to ……. TRACK EM AND SMACK EM.

Mike: did the teen pay for the car? if the teen worked hard enough to earn the money to buy a car, and works for gas/ins/reg, then yes. the parent is showing trust issues, but if they bought the car, they have every right to track it. just tell the teen when you do it. if they’re not doing anything wrong, they won’t care.

Deb: Who pays for the car? Who pays for the insurance on the car the teenager drives? If the parents pay for all this, then yes I would think the parents would have a right to know where their car goes and how it’s driven. Just my opinion.

Gerald: How about you take the fucking car away. Stop being sensitive and put that foot down. You are the parent. Not a friend.

Laura: Invading their privacy? They are dependent minors.. what privacy?? And if he thinks she is driving recklessly why does she still have a car to drive? Do people parent anymore?

Natalie: With the way the world is today. I am a parent of 5 think it is a great idea

Adam: I guess this is exactly why my parents never let me drive as a teenager! Lol But as a parent of 3 kids, you do whatever makes you sleep better at night!

Anna: Slap it on! I would!

George: How much & when can I pick up?

Dorothy: It’s a great idea and can save a life!!

David: My husband said teens do have rights… A right to live! Hahaha

Moni: My thinking is if they are my MINOR child, they are my responsibility, and I love them enough to track them. And, I believe that my kids’ whereabouts are my business.

Yadira: Teenagers’ privacy rights should only be applicable in the following categories.Taking a dump and taking a shower. All other privacy rights are to be earned accordingly

Ashlee: I’m 21 and still living at home and I asked my parents to have tracking apps on their phone and mine! Too many bad things happen to young ladies. When she’s in a pickle, she will wish she had it.

Tiffany: Absolutely. And if she violates the RULES the car goes away. If she sneaks or steals it, then the penalty is taken another step further. What an awful situation. lookup the post about the local high school student driving drunk with others passed out in the car the other afternoon LOCALLY. NOTHING would be worse than a dead or incarcerated teen.

Brandon: With respect. The fact that such a question is asked of an adolescent bares in it the evidence that such a tracking device is warranted.. Children being children can only have the privacy of their obvious character and behavior warrant! No character no freedom… Freedom is the direct result of personal responsibility.

Donna: Do it. It is a safety issue.

Shawna: Until she turns 18 and can pay for 100% of her own stuff (car, insurance, phone, room, and board) do whatever you want as a PARENT.

Kristi: Teenagers have no right to privacy. That is an earned privilege that can be taken away at a nanosecond notice.

Jaramie: We are 100% responsible for our children until 18. They are entitled to CERTAIN privacies, but where they go, what they do, who they speak with & 99.8% of everything else IS our business. It’s called parenting, this us an active 24/7 job, that should come with combat pay at times

Jaramie: I don’t feel it matters if the teen paid for the car or their insurance. If something goes wrong, fatal car accident, hit & run, etc….the city, other parties involved will be coming after the parents for compensation. We have to protect ourselves, as well, from the adolescent mind.

Dena: Definitely fine

Terri: Teenagers need our supervision. It is not about privacy – it is about parenting.

Patty: I would do it in a heartbeat. I already do it through Sprint. Nothing they can do to dismantle it either. It helps me stick with my motto, “You never know when I’ll show up.”

Jennifer: My kids don’t have privacy

Thank you to everyone who commented and gave us their feedback on such an important topic and one that goes on in households every single day. There is no right answer as every family dynamic is different, but the overwhelming majority of parents and even teens who joined the discussion were more than okay with using GPS to track a teen’s vehicle.