Best Tracking Device For Elderly Care

Sneior Care GPS Tracking ReviewsGPS monitoring systems have evolved substantially over the past decade, making the location-based technology a viable solution for senior care. GPS bracelets and car trackers are now commonly employed by caregivers and family members to enhance elderly safety with a high rate of success, but how can a perspective buyer determine what GPS senior care devices are the best? Which trackers are the top-performing according to insiders and GPS experts? Anyone who has ever asked themselves that question while researching the different options available for purchase can understand the confusion and that is why our specialists have complied a list of the top 3 GPS monitoring systems for senior care!

1. Senior GPS Tracking Bracelet

This health care GPS is by far the most popular selling system for senior care and it makes complete sense when a person looks at all the features the tracker offers. Features of the bracelet tracker include:

  1. Two-Way Voice Communication that allows family to speak directly to the senior through the watch.
  2. G-Shock Sensor that will send a email alert or text alert if a senior falls.
  3. Safety Zones that can be easily set to alert family if a senior wanders from their home or assisted living facility.

The senior GPS bracelet is really the ideal solution for high-risk seniors who have already been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia. This is because the system provides a full range of safety features, including a screw key locking mechanism so the senior cannot remove the tracker. The data can be viewed online from a desktop or smart phone, allowing family members in different areas to see where the senior is located. The senior GPS bracelet is by far the top-performing elderly care solution when it comes to personal tracking technology.

2. SilverCloud Sync GPS

For seniors who are still somewhat independent and driving, a vehicle monitoring system is the ideal elderly care solution because the technology isn’t as intrusive as a bracelet. But when it comes to automobile tracking the market is saturated with options. However, when it comes to senior care the best vehicle tracking solution is the Sync GPS. This is because the Sync provides features such as:

  1. Real-Time Updates as fast as every 10 seconds. This feature can be helpful to see if a senior is getting lost while driving.
  2. Geo-Fencing that provides digital boundaries to notify family if a senior is driving out of town.
  3. Speed Alerts to determine if a senior is driving too fast (or slow). These speed alerts are sent via email or text.

What makes the Sync great is that it easily connects to the OBDII port of a vehicle and pulls power from the car battery. That means the user doesn’t need to hire a professional installer to wire the tracker behind the dash. Another benefit of the car tracker is that the hardware is affordable ($209) and monthly data plans start at $29.95 without any contractual terms. The Sync car tracker is also a web-based solution so the user can utilize the SilverCloud app to view data on their mobile phone or computer. Tracking data also has no expiration date so the user can see where a senior was driving earlier in the day, week, month or year!

3. Tag SilverCloud

Developed by the same engineers who created the Sync, the Tag is the personal monitoring solution for children with autism to seniors who might wander. Tag is a very basic live GPS unit that is roughly the dimensions of a box of tic-tacs. This tracker was designed for personal safety without the intrusiveness of a bracelet. Therefore, the tracker is best used for seniors still functioning at a relatively high level. A senior who is showing some signs of cognitive slowness can carry this micro GPS in their pocket when they go for a walk or drive, allowing family members to see where they are going. The primary drawback of this device is the senior could simply choose not to carry the tracker so it is important for those considering the Tag to discuss the device and process of tracking.

When it comes to senior care it is important to utilize all options available to enhance safety. GPS auto tracking and personal technology are two of the new tools that families and caregivers can call upon to increase elderly care so those seeking a modern solution to safety should research the different GPS options available. Our security specialists also strongly advise those interested in senior GPS devices speak with a expert before investment.