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Tracking_keyWhy are people so fascinated with spies? A spy gets to sneak around, is clouded in mystery and gets to play with spy gadgets. What could be more fun? Like mystery novels, mathematical riddles and crossword puzzles, spy work involves mental exercise. And people love a mental challenge. There is a great feeling of individual accomplishment when one is able to fill in the blank, find the missing piece, uncover the deception, or catch the bad guy.

More often than not, interest in spy work and spy gadgets begins in childhood and carries over into adulthood. The spy gadgets used just get a little more high-tech and carry a bigger price tag.

If you have a junior spy-in-training in your life, the Internet and many retail stores with educational product lines might have a spy gadget to challenge his or her imagination.

Vendors might not be advertising X-Ray glasses like they did on bubblegum wrappers in the 1950s, but check out these modern spy gadgets made just for kids:

A pair of plastic-framed sunglasses that lets a kid see what’s going on behind him (no explanation if such a spy gadget impedes forward mobility.)

A spy gadget that attaches to a cell phone, to change the caller’s voice to something completely different, including a duck and a robot.

A portable listening device is a spy gadget that looks like a sound dish. Kids attach it to an ear bud, carry the spy gadget around in hand or set it on a level surface and they are supposed to be able to pick up conversations from another part of the room or the home.

From the “some spy gadgets never change” department: A wrist watch with a pop-up night scope and magnifying lens.

Fun With Spy Gadgets

Parents or other adults who want to encourage their kid’s interest in the spy world, don’t have to spend a lot of money to do it. There are numerous books about making harmless spy gadgets in book stores and libraries. A topic search on the Internet will access all kinds of free instructions. Some home-made spy gadgets:

  • Making invisible ink with lemon juice. The lemon juice writing turns brown when exposed to a light bulb.
  • Making fingerprint dusting powder with ordinary corn starch and grated black chalk. “Dust” with a makeup brush.
  • Cutting a hole in a hardcover book. This simple spy gadget keeps important papers or valuables hidden from crooks.

Or assemble all kinds of spy gadgets into an “authentic” file box like those seen on detective shows. A tackle box or cash box are great because each section can hold its own spy gadget. Some ideas for the contents: Caution tape, latex gloves, test tubes (preferably plastic) and corks, cotton swabs, tweezers, tiny zipper bags (like those that hold extra blouse buttons) a fake mustache, and binoculars.

The obnoxious kid brother who learned to unlock his sister’s diary with a hair pin, probably grew up and is now secretly taping the injustices of the world with a secret camera pen, a surveillance camera or some other spy gadget.

He or she may have grown up, and so have their spy gadgets.

Some Spy Gadgets Available To The Average Consumer:

  1. Break-beam laser trip wire system, much like the spy gadget seen in the movie “Mission Impossible.”
  2. Pinhole-size digital camera built into a working alarm clock.
  3. Digital voice recorder in a man’s wrist watch
  4. Night vision goggles.
  5. Computer keystroke loggers.
  6. Cell phone SIM card readers.
  7. Battery-operated amplifier that picks up whispers from up to 100 yards away.
  8. GPS tracking system that can record every location a person travels.

There are spy gadgets galore being sold, of professional quality and seemingly only limited by someone’s budget. Users of high-tech spy gadgets might have been nosy little brothers at one time, but today they are usually professionals, parents and everyday individuals protecting their families, businesses, interests or investments.