Popular Features:

  • UNLIMITED Refresh Rates As Fast As Every 5 Seconds
  • Simple Connect To Automobile’s OBD-II Port
  • Geo-Fence & Driver Speed Alerts
  • Web-Based Program With Mobile Phone Access
  • Complete Diagnostics Reporting
  • No Annual Contracts Or Long-Term Commitments
  • Driver Tampering Warnings
  • Low Fuel Alerts

Affordable Real-Time Tracking At Your Finger Tips!


Five Reasons Why SilverCloud Sync Fleet Tracking Is For You!

1. SilverCloud Sync Meticulously Monitors All Vehicle Diagnostics

Many businesses have vehicle management needs that surpass those of the typical company in search of a real-time monitoring solution. For those companies that are looking for more than precise locational information, the Sync fleet tracking solution offers complete on board diagnostics monitoring. Accurately monitoring a wide range of automotive information including fuel, vehicle speed, vehicle VIN identification number, RPMs, braking activity, acceleration, odometer and more, the Sync fleet tracking solution is the ultimate real-time monitoring tool for businesses that want to know everything about their automotive assets!

2. Sync Fleet Trackers Send Alerts & Warnings

Sync fleet tracking solutions offer the same real-time alert features as the standard SilverCloud GPS (low battery alerts, geo-fence alerts and speed alerts), but expand upon those notification options to provide a more detailed account of driving activity. Sync users will have the option to receive harsh braking alerts, low fuel indication warnings, high speed travel warnings, driver tampering warnings, excessive RPM warnings and rapid acceleration warnings, all while monitoring vehicle idling, odometer readings and more. These alert and warning features can be accessed via the web-based application online, or sent directly to fleet managers via text message notification and/or email. By utilizing these tools offered by Sync, companies can eliminate excessive vehicle idling times, poor driving habits and excessive fuel consumption, things that can be both costly and a liability to businesses.

3. Sync Tracker Devices Provide Complete Real-Time Monitoring

Sync GPS gives businesses the tools necessary to monitor mobile assets in the most efficient way possible. With a web-based platform that can be accessed via mobile phone, tablet or computer with Internet capabilities, Sync allows any fleet manager to instantly locate a single driver or a group of drivers within seconds! Not only does Sync GPS transmit live positional information of automobiles operating in the field, the tracker device also stores historical driving activity for life! Therefore, fleet managers can access where a driver was last week, last month, last year or as far back as they have been using the real-time tracker device!

4. Sync Fleet Tracking Is Affordable

Portable real-time monitoring systems can cost hundreds of dollars or more for the hardware, and the monthly service obligations can be limited to one option. Since Sync fleet tracking systems connect directly into the OBD-II port of the target vehicle, they were not engineered to function as portable devices. This helps significantly reduce the cost of the tracker device, making it affordable for small to medium-sized businesses looking to gain oversight of fleet activity. Sync users also are given a number of different data plan options to select from, giving each business the ability to choose a real-time data plan that best suits their particular companies’ needs.

Sync GPS Data Plans

All real-time tracker plans are set on a month-to-month basis. There are NO CONTRACTS and long-term commitments of any kind!

Update Interval One (1) Minute Update Ten (10) Second Update Five (5) Second Update
Cost $24.95 Month $34.95 Month $49.95 Month

One time activation fee of $29.95 will be applied.

5. Sync Tracking Offers Various Report Features

Having instant access to where a driver is located can offer improved vehicle management strategies, auto-theft security and information that can help a business cut down on fuel consumption. Although there are countless benefits to investing in GPS monitoring technology to enhance business operations, on a day-to-day basis many companies simply want to review driving activity in a simple, and easy to understand report. Sync fleet tracking solutions offer a number of different activity reports that break down travel history into where a driver stopped, how long they were at each location, mileage driven, time en route/departed and more. All of the driving reports can be accessed in a PDF or HTML format, and give fleet managers all of the information required to determine where inefficiencies may be lurking.

Daily Stops Report Showing Each Address A Driver Stopped & How Long They Stayed At Each Location

Driving History Report With Updates Every 5 Seconds With Corresponding Locational GPS Tracking Data