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Did A GPS Tracker Catch Tiger?

What Did Tiger Do To His Wife?

Tiger Woods Cheated On Wife

Tiger Wood’s saga continues to make headlines as more and more information about his personal life is made public. As it stands now, Elin, Tiger’s “wife”, is keeping a low profile and has been seen in public not wearing her wedding ring. As for the number one ranked golfer in the world, apparently, he has checked himself into some form of sex rehabilitation clinic to cure him of his disease of wanting to chase anything with a skirt. Clearly, the entire world knows that the golden boy of not only golf but of all sports was indeed less perfect than the image he and his sponsors built and projected upon the public. Although the truth has already been exposed, some people now believe that a GPS tracking device that recorded the travel history of Woods may have played a significant role in his infidelity being revealed.

The night Woods was involved with the now-infamous fender bender meets tree episode he was driving a black Cadillac Escalade that was customized with a GPS system. Many GPS systems not only have navigational functions but also GPS tracking functions that will record historical driving data such as speeds driven and stops made. If Elin had access to GPS tracking data stored on the stock GPS system, or possibly another tracking system she herself placed onto the vehicle, she would have seen that Woods was probably not at the driving range, but rather the club getting his sexy on.

GPS tracking devices are being used more and more by people in relationships to validate or curb the suspicions of infidelity. With the cost of a quality real time GPS tracking system now being less than $79, GPS tracking technology is now affordable to everyone.

Although Tiger, and his probably soon-to-be ex-wife, are in desperate need of privacy they will receive no shelter because of the lifestyle Tiger has chosen and the conduct he has exhibited. Only time will tell if Woods will be able to recover from this public relations nightmare, and will once again be adored by fans for the way he whacks golf balls and not where his balls rest at night.

GPS Tracker Could Have Monitored Wayward Golfer

Tiger Woods has dominated the headlines over the past week after he was involved in a car accident where he crashed his SUV into a tree and fire hydrant a little after 2:00 a.m. outside of his home near Orlando, Florida. Known for being the world’s number one ranked golfer, Woods has always had a squeaky clean reputation in his personal and professional life. However, that all changed as details began to emerge surrounding the crash and the events leading up to it as it was revealed that Woods had reportedly been involved in multiple extramarital affairs. Sadly, the very personal events surrounding Wood’s family are being played out in a very public fashion, but what if Elin Nordegren, Wood’s wife, used a vehicle tracking device or real-time tracking system to monitor her husband? Could a GPS tracking device allowed Nordegren to catch her cheating husband before the situation became leaked to the public?

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GPS tracking devices, regardless if they are real-time GPS or passive tracking systems, can give suspicious spouses the ability to monitor everywhere their potentially cheating significant other has been. The vehicle tracking devices provide concrete information such as stops made and addresses arrived that will tell anyone suspecting infidelity whether their spouse is being loyal or unfaithful.

Woods released a statement to the public expressing his regret over the situation and improper transgressions as it appears evident now that Woods, like many other spouses, was cheating on his wife.

Only time will tell if Wood’s marriage will recover from infidelity.