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How Can I Lower My Golf Handicap Fast?

GPS tracking systems have become more popular than ever before, but many people may be shocked to know that GPS has become a common word on the golf course. Now, in between cigar breaks and talks about how the wife is crazy, men discuss golf GPS units as much as they do putting lines and the right iron for a particular shot. How GPS plays a significant role in lowering a golfer’s score is by accurately acquiring the proper distance from fairway/tee box to hole. Before the creation of handheld GPS units, golfers had to make estimates on how far the yardage was from a particular spot to the flag on the green. Golf GPS units eliminate the guessing game, providing golfers the exact distance from point A to point B, making it easy for a golfer to discover the appropriate club selection.

Imagine you are on a Par 5 and you just hit a drive that went 230 yards, 200 of which went right down the fairway and 30 that hooked off into the 70’s porn bush as my friend likes to call the rough. The blue stake is easily 100 yards away, but it is difficult to judge the distance from your spot to the flag because of your crappy lie. Looking to simply hit it far, you grab a 3 wood, take a good whack, and now are 180 yards closer, but on the rough on the other side. Your third shot is now a real tough one because you are somewhere between 130-150 yards to the pin, but with no white marker in sight, it is a complete guessing game. You decide to go with a 9 iron and come up short of the green.

Although stories like this are common among weekend hackers, by knowing the exact distance you are to the flag you give yourself an incredible edge. In the above story, if the golfer on his third shot knew he was 141 yards from where he stood to the flag he likely would have gone with an 8 iron over a 9 iron, landing on the green instead of a little short. Golf GPS units provide the solution to this common problem and can easily shave 3-4 strokes of any person’s game.

GPS tracking and navigation technology have given us the ability to find our way if we are lost, see if our teenagers are speeding, and more. Satellite technology continues to progress to the point where GPS devices are now able to help us locate our cars, recover our vehicles if they are stolen, and now improve our golf game. With GPS tracking systems now becoming more prevalent on the golf course, many people are wondering if technology is taking the fun out of the game?

Is Using A Golf GPS Cheating Or Make The Game Less Fun?

Personally, this golf enthusiast loves to spend any free time swinging the clubs. I usually get together with a few friends and we will either play teams or a dollar a hole for skins competition. We try to play the game close to the rules, but at the same time, we don’t take the game too seriously because the point of golf is to have fun, and realistically nobody in the group will be joining the PGA anytime ever. We don’t count penalty strokes for practice shots in the sand, if the ball is sitting on a root we may give it a little kick in the right direction, and if the ball is within a foot of the cup we don’t force the person to putt. We also allow one mulligan per nine holes; giving each person essentially two redo shots. We do these things because we want to have a good time while on the course. We want to have a couple of beers, get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors, not pay attention to every little detail. This is why I understand so many people are opposed to the use of personal GPS trackers and GPS systems that help give golfers a competitive edge.

GPS systems designed for golfing allow players to use precise satellite technology to gauge the distance from where the golfer is standing on the fairway to the exact pin location. This can help a golfer better figure out what is the best club choice for his or her particular shot. However, suggesting it is cheating seems a bit out of bounds.

Free Golf GPS Apps

free_caddieThe one thing every obsessive golfer has in common is the desire to lower their score. There are very few things in life that are a fine balance between absolute relaxation and frustration, and golf would probably be the definition of the two emotions. Although every golfer can sympathize with the player who takes multiple swings to get out of a sand bunker or the player who hits a driver that goes 100 yards straight then 150 yards right, the good news is that the more a player practices the better they should undoubtedly become. Mastering the game of golf is impossible, but increasing confidence in a player’s game while decreasing a player’s score has become a little bit easier thanks in large part to the advancement of GPS technology. With so many different golf GPS trackers and systems available on the market, finding the right solution can be somewhat challenging. However, before golfers decide to invest in an expensive handheld GPS system they should first try out one of the free golf GPS apps available such as FreeCaddie.

What Is The FreeCaddie Golf GPS App?

FreeCaddie was an app designed specifically to assist golfers in better understanding where they are at in relation to both hazards and the flag sticks while on the course. Knowing you are 150 yards from the center of the green when a golf ball is sitting right at the white marker is easy to identify, but rarely does a golfer know the exact distance they are from the hole. With hole locations constantly moving and sand trips sometimes appearing closer than they really are, judging accurate distances can be difficult for even a seasoned golfer. FreeCaddie takes the guesswork out of identifying distances by providing accurate real-time tracking data that offers information such as distances from front, back, or center of the green. The free app also has free software updates, no annual subscription fees, and allows users to access all of the info regarding their favorite course. The data, which is accessed by the GPS tracker chip located in a user’s cell phone, provides a golfer with confidence knowing whether they should grab the 8 iron or 9 iron.

For the golfer who really wants to lower their score, the FreeCaddie Pro version offers even more benefits that include:

  • Distance To Sand Traps, Grass Bunkers & Hazards
  • Unlimited Number Of Golf Courses
  • Scoring/ Statistics Data
  • Measurement Of Length Of Each Shot
  • Course Downloading

Free Golf Apps For Smartphones

Golfers Who Want Even More Information

Those interested in improving golf scores should first download the free version of FreeCaddie to their iPhone or Android before upgrading to the Pro version which costs $9.95 with no annual subscription fees. By first using and testing the free version of FreeCaddie, golfers can get better acquainted with the mobile interface and system operation. People interested in trying FreeCaddie can visit iTunes to download the mobile app! For golfers who want to check out additional free golf apps for smart phones here are a couple of other popular choices:

  1. Zepp Golf
  2. mScorecard
  3. V1 Golf
  4. Golfshot
  5. Hole 19

High Tech Ways To Improve Golf Score

The founders of the game of golf could have never imagined how the game would progress and how technology would eventually help shape a golfer’s skills. Every portion of the game has modernized from the clubs, balls, and tees. Many tech-savvy golfers who have already invested in the best clubs and golf balls available on the market have found another way to improve their score, and they are doing so with help of GPS tracking systems. With the progression and advancement handheld golf GPS devices, golfers now have a new and exciting way to give themselves an edge over the field.

The same GPS tracking system technology that is used by police to apprehend criminals and employers to monitor staff can actually help a golfer lower their score. Real time GPS tracking systems function in a very simple and user-friendly manner that can allow a golfer to receive critical information related to improving their game. A GPS tracking system can provide a golfer valuable information such as an accurate calculation of distance and the exact location of an individual or flag. Before a golfer pulls an iron or wood from their bag they must first have a sense of how far the green is and how far the flag is. GPS tracking system technology takes the guess work out of the process by giving a golfer the precise distance of the desired shot.

Steve Zlotnik, an avid golfer living in Genoa City Wisconsin, said, “I wouldn’t consider myself a great golfer by any means, but I can honestly say that the handheld GPS device I have been using to tell me how far the green is has probably shaved 5 strokes off my game”. Zlotnik believes golf GPS tracker could improve any golfer’s game regardless of their skill level.

GPS trackers for golf record historical data, therefore, a golfer can save all the recorded scoring data and review it at a later time to make adjustments in their game for the next time they play the same course.

What Type of GPS Tracking Systems are Available?

The market has definitely become more saturated with GPS tracking system products designed for golfing applications over the past 3 years, making it more difficult for consumers to choose which golf GPS app and device would be considered a premium brand. A golfer interested in purchasing a golf GPS tracker should first make sure the device is small enough to fit in the palm of a hand (handheld golf GPS), so it is not cumbersome when being used on the golf course. Other than that, golfers should really talk with friends and other golfers to get feedback on what would be the best golf GPS tracker to use.

Do you think a handheld golf GPS device would shave strokes off your game?