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Semi_TruckAs we head into 2010 their are still a few hot topics surrounding certain GPS tracking applications that have yet to be resolved. Clearly, vehicle tracking technology has an overwhelming amount of positive and beneficial applications for businesses, law enforcement agencies and a variety of consumer needs. There is no other piece of technology that is flexible enough to decrease the internal wasteful spending of a company, increase safe teen driving habits and help law enforcement monitor criminals and terrorists. Although it is very evident that GPS tracking systems will continue to be utilized by a wide assortment of people, their is still one GPS tracking situation that is still creating controversy.

The GPS tracking plan that some government officials have discussed that has caused the controversy is the idea of equipping all vehicles with a tracking system to monitor and calculate how much mileage is driven. The function of the vehicle tracking plan is to tax people who drive more frequently than others. Obviously, the GPS tracking plan sounds good in theory as it does seem fair that those who use the roadways more frequently than others should pay more for road construction and maintenance taxes. However, the problem is that a vehicle tracking device also records other more specific information such as stops made, speeds driven, etc. So could the government use GPS tracking technology to spy on us?

The plan to equip vehicles with GPS tracking systems to monitor mileage driven has met strong resistance from privacy advocates and the overall population, but that has not resulted in the death of the initiative. Where their is smoke their is fire, and the smoke surrounding this idea has yet to fade. Sadly, this plan has caused a great deal of negative controversy surrounding GPS tracking system devices, giving the highly beneficial tracking system technology a black eye.

There are numerous positive applications of GPS tracking technology, but would a vehicle monitoring plan for taxation purposes fall into the positive or negative category?

How would you feel about your car being equipped with a GPS tracker if that meant you would pay less taxes?

Do you feel that the government GPS tracking your vehicle is an invasion of privacy?