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Police GPS Tracking

Best GPS Device For Tracking Suspects’ Vehicle

Hidden GPS Tracker For Car

LandAirSea GPS Asset Tracker

  • Enhance Officers’ Safety And Reduce Police Pursuits 
  • Get Realtime Location On A Stolen Vehicle
  • Secretly Track A Suspects’ Vehicle Without Them Knowing 
  • Waterproof Asset Tracker With Magnet Mount

Protect communities with the latest in GPS tracking for law enforcement officers! LandAirSea GPS tracker helps police forces conduct surveillance safely while providing probable cause and hard evidence of criminal activity!


Live GPS TrackingPolice Use GPS To Track Suspects

With law enforcement and police agencies across the world struggling with budgetary constraints and cut-backs, apprehending criminals and improving internal investigative work can seem impossible. GPS tracking systems provide financially responsible or monetarily challenged law enforcement agencies and police departments the ability to sustain budget cuts without affecting officer effectiveness or performance. GPS tracking devices help assist police and government agencies by:

  • Allowing law enforcement to monitor a suspected drug-trafficker, arsonist, child molester, or any potential criminal suspect 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Giving law enforcement departments the ability to audit or monitor potentially under-performing employees.
  • Providing a unique and accurate way for officers to easily track vehicle maintenance records and mileage driven.

GPS Tracking Device Used By Police

Tracking a suspect no longer requires an officer to spend months out on stake-outs or patrolling duties. GPS tracking systems always place a criminal or suspect within the long reach of the law as their driving and travel history can be recorded, stored, or viewed in real-time! GPS tracking devices are now built and engineered to be compact, covert, and durable. The GPS vehicle tracking units can ensure a suspect, criminal, or evidence is accurately and successfully monitored, helping law enforcement agencies compile evidence for an arrest. The most popular car tracking device among police agencies at this time is the Flashback GPS Data Logger because it is a tracker with no monthly fees!

Live GPS Tracking For Police Cars

When it comes to tracking or monitoring a potential suspect or criminal, many law enforcement agencies prefer to have the personal tracking system data that reports in real-time. Live car GPS trackers have a long and consistent track record of assisting local, state, and federal municipalities and law enforcement agencies across the entire United States. Combining Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite technology with cellular communication, real time police GPS trackers can help any police department monitor criminal activity. But what is the best live GPS tracker for police?

Government and law enforcement agencies are no strangers to the positives that can come from using GPS tracking system technology. Every day police and law enforcement departments take advantage of highly useful and sophisticated tracking system devices to monitor and capture everyone from car thieves to terrorists. GPS vehicle tracking technology is now one of the most dependable and reliable tools utilized by law enforcement agencies. However, as law enforcement agencies progress and modernize so to does the vehicle tracking equipment they use, and no device on the market is currently better designed and built for law enforcement applications than the LandAirSea GPS tracker.

LandAirSea GPS Tracker Features

  1. Continuous Updates Every 3 Seconds
  2. Real-Time Tracking Online Software
  3. Built-In Magnet For Outside Placement Option
  4. Compact Waterproof Design
  5. International Coverage
  6. Speed Alert Features
  7. Geo-Fence Features

Live GPS Tracker For Police

LandAirSea GPS offers law enforcement agencies many advantages that make the real time GS tracker an ideal fit for police departments. Some of these advantages include no contractual obligations, live web-based tracking software, and of course waterproof housing with an exterior mount that makes the hidden GPS tracker easy to equip to any vehicle covertly. Although the LandAirSea GPS tracker system is one of the newest real-time GPS trackers available it is already being used and highly recommended by agencies such as the:

  • ATF
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • United States Border Patrol
  • Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Department of Homeland Security

Police GPS Data Loggers

Because of budgetary constraints and cut-backs facing many police departments, many governments, and police agencies have turned to cost-effective no monthly fee tracking devices known as GPS data loggers. The great thing about GPS data loggers is that they provide police and law enforcement with second-by-second tracking, but do so with no subscription fees. However, since passive tracking systems do not use cellular communication in transmitting data they must be removed from the vehicle and downloaded in order for a police agency to capture and view the recorded data. The best way to think of a passive tracking solution is that it is a recorder of vehicle travel history.

No Monthly Fee GPS For Police

Law enforcement agencies everywhere have been using James Bond-type technology in GPS data loggers to help in the fight against crime. “The GPS data loggers allow us to gather driving information from a potential criminal in a covert and efficient manner, allowing us to keep the streets safe without breaking the bank”, explained a California criminal investigator working in the narcotics department. GPS data loggers allow law enforcement agencies to effectively monitor driving information such as the speed a criminal was traveling and every location they stopped at without sending a uniformed or undercover officer to do the meticulous surveillance work, creating an easy way for police to hunt down the criminal element.

GPS data loggers are simple, yet sophisticated pieces of technology that give law enforcement and government agencies an edge. A GPS data logger is a receiver that captures information from the Global Positioning System (GPS) and stores it in internal memory. The GPS trackers with no monthly fees will record highly detailed information about the speed a person was driving, location(s) stopped, routes traveled, times en route and departed, and more, making the vehicle tracking device highly useful for law enforcement applications. Once driving information is recorded to the memory of the data logger a person would then need to physically acquire the vehicle tracking device and download the recorded GPS tracking data.

GPS data loggers are classified into the passive tracking system family, therefore, they do not transmit position in real-time.

How Police Use GPS Data Loggers

The procedure of using a GPS data logger is fairly simple for most law enforcement agencies. First, police will find a criminal suspect that they believe may be involved in some form of criminal activity such as drug trafficking, burglary, or murder. The police will get a warrant for the use of the tracker and then hide the GPS tracker on the car operated by the suspect. Since most GPS data loggers are designed with a magnetic mount, a police officer needs only to slap the vehicle tracking device under the automobile to the frame. When the police officer wants to review the data either in a day, a week, or a month, all they need to do is remove the no monthly fee GPS tracker and download the recorded data from the tracking system.

Best Police GPS Tracker No Subscription

PlayBack GPS is the most widely used passive tracking device by law enforcement agencies across the United States because of its durable design, and ability to record over 60 hours of wheels-in-motion drive time on a single lithium battery cycle. Designed with an attached powerful exterior magnetic for outside mounting and placement, PlayBack GPS gives authorities the flexibility to attach the GPS tracker to the outside frame underneath a potential criminal or suspect’s vehicle.

GPS data loggers have revolutionized surveillance and suspect monitoring among law enforcement agencies.

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