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Stolen Dump Trunk Recovered By GPS Tracker

When most people think of vehicle theft they typically think of automobiles such as a Honda Accord or other popular models of vehicles frequently targeted by car thieves. An oversized dump truck definitely does not fit the description of the type of vehicle associated with theft, but that did not stop an unidentified car thief from stealing a 12-ton dump truck from a company called Flat Rock Sand & Gravel based in Columbus, Georgia.

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GPS trackers

Ricky Catrett, the owner of the company which employed the dump truck for business operations, understood the benefits associated with vehicle tracking very early on. This is because GPS tracking technology could be multi-functional for his Georgia waste management business, providing his managers with a way to oversee employee activity as well as offer a solution against theft. Auto-theft security is a very serious topic among service companies that call upon heavy machinery because if a dump truck, trailer, forklift, or another piece of heavy machinery is stolen it means that work is unable to be conducted. This is because this type of machinery is not easily replaceable. Another reason anti-theft measures need to be implemented is that heavy operating equipment can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars! Even the best insurance policies can offer some assistance, but the high deductibles will surely result in a significant loss for the company.

Using a real-time GPS tracker, Catrett was able to identify very early on that one of his dump trucks used for his business was stolen. Receiving GPS updates in 5-minute intervals, Catrett was able to relay the location-based information to local Columbus Police who in turn were able to recover the stolen dump truck safely.

The suspect took the dump truck for essentially what amounts to a 100+ mile joyride before he abandoned the vehicle. Police are still investigating the incident to look for a suspect in the crime.

Interestingly enough, the GPS car tracker was able to transmit the exact speed the thief was traveling at while driving the dump truck, and although he may have been a car thief he was not a speeder, adhering to the posted speed limit in all areas of travel.

Best GPS Tracker For Dump Trucks

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Almost every business that has company vehicles understands the significance and importance of monitoring mobile assets and staff members working in the field. With gasoline prices already well over $4.00 a gallon in many states, fuel economy is taking center stage as a top priority for almost every business. Although the application of GPS fleet tracking systems to monitor fuel usage, employee activity, mileage is driven, and more is nothing uncommon, the advancement in GPS tracking systems has resulted in an increased demand for GPS trackers for dump trucks. No longer are waste management companies paying per usage fees, or receiving breadcrumb trail GPS points every thirty (30) minutes or hour. Instead, modern waste management businesses interested in increasing efficiency are plunging into the next generation of vehicle management technology with devices such as the SpaceHawk GPS.

SpaceHawk GPS trackers were designed and engineered to hold many of the same popular features that the other top-performing real-time tracking solutions on the market have (speed alerts, virtual alerts and driving reports), but with some additional features to meet the needs of the modern fleet manager. The top three (3) reasons why SpaceHawk GPS is now the go-to fleet tracking choice of dump truck businesses are:

  1. GPS Tracking Device Can Update Continuously As Fast As Every Three (3) Seconds!
  2. Live GPS Tracker Has Magnet Mount
  3. GPS Data Can Be Viewed Remotely Online Over A Secure Website 

However, one of the features that make this device the best for dump trucks is that it can easily be plugged into the onboard diagnostic port of any dump truck. This allows the live truck GPS tracker to easily extract power from the battery of the dump truck, which means no professional installation is required. Simply plug the tracker into the oBD2 port of the dump truck and then track the dump truck remotely from a computer or smartphone.

Most GPS fleet tracking systems on Amazon or eBay were quickly assembled and manufactured in China where engineers are forced to work with poorly designed electrical parts and rush through the building process to meet the brutal demands of Chinese employers to produce at a high rate of speed. Not to mention, they were not properly tested on US-based telematic networks and cellular towers, meaning inaccuracies and coverage issues are prevalent. The end result is often poorly designed equipment built with poorly designed electrical components. However, SpaceHawk GPS systems are created right here in America by hard-working, honest Americans in the Chicago-area. Therefore, waste management businesses investing in real-time GPS systems can rest assured that they are getting the top-performing tracking solutions.

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