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Marilyn: A Sex Symbol For Eternity

In the 1940s there was only one blond bombshell. She captivated audiences with her personality, charm, and sex appeal. Her name was Norma Jeane Baker, but the world knew her as Hollywood starlet Marilyn Monroe. Monroe starred in highly successful movies such as “The Seven Year Itch”, “Gentlemen Prefer Blonds”, and “All About Eve”, but was plagued for most of her career by a typecast that she was a ditsy blond. Although she was typecast by the Hollywood elite, the public loved and adored her. Men dreamed about her and women wanted to emulate her. Monroe exploded upon the Hollywood scene, acting in numerous high grossing films, marrying famous celebrities such as Joe DiMaggio, and even singing for President Kennedy on his birthday. However, in the later years of her life, she suffered from psychiatric, addiction, and other health problems. These serious problems eventually cultivated into a drug overdose that took Monroe’s life.

Although the circumstances and events surrounding and leading up to Monroe’s death are not completely consistent, many people ask if she would have lived in today’s era, rather than the 40s, if the tragedy could have been prevented? If Monroe would have lived today her family and friends may have been able to utilize GPS tracking technology to assist in documenting her behavioral patterns, a common practice used now on individuals with drug dependency problems. GPS tracking systems allow families to account for everywhere the individual goes, from the grocery store to the doctor’s office. If Monroe’s friends, such as Lee Strasberg or Joe DiMaggio, had suspicions that she was falling deeper into drug addiction a GPS tracker may have confirmed that and intervention could have taken place. She could have received the care she needed.

GPS Trackers & Families Struggling With Addiction

The stress that addiction can place on a family can never be measured. Although every situation is different, the most important step in helping someone struggling with drug addiction is to first understand the depths of that addiction. That is why everyday people are turning to accurate, portable, and truthful GPS trackers to help in the battle. GPS devices, such as the Victoria tracking system, will document everywhere the potential drug addict travels and record that data with precision. Therefore, if the individual is making numerous visits to a doctor, hospital, known drug house, or bad part of town, the GPS tracking system will make accurate documentation of travels. The first step in solving a problem is diagnosing the problem, and GPS tracking technology can be a valuable tool in the diagnostic process.

Could GPS Have Saved Marilyn?

There are countless numbers of families who have used vehicle tracking units to help understand the depths of their loved one’s addictions. GPS tracking systems provide concrete answers to questions that must be brought to the surface. Unfortunately, nobody will ever know if live GPS tracking technology could have helped save Marilyn Monroe. Clearly, many people in her inner circle were aware of her drug use and no action was taken. However, maybe even her inner circle of loved ones didn’t understand how severe the problem was.

If Lee Strasberg or someone else Monroe knew placed a GPS tracking system on her vehicle would they have been shocked what the data showed?

Would the GPS tracker data have shown Monroe making countless visits to see her doctor or maybe a famous politician?

Did her closest friends know about the drug problem, but were simply afraid of telling her for fear she would reject or sever ties with them?

Was her death really a drug overdose?