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GPS Tracking System Recovers Police Vehicle

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Stolen Cruiser Located By GPS Tracking System

When police responded to a domestic disturbance call they could have never anticipated the events that were about to unfold. Local Minnesota Police converged on a residential home when they were called about a situation where a man named Jeremy Winkel threatened to kill his own father with a steak knife. He fled on a bicycle before authorities arrived, causing a search to commence. The local authorities requested assistance in the form of a K-9 unit from Austin Police and then established a perimeter before beginning to search for Winkel. During the search, Winkel was able to evade the authorities and then somehow manage to steal a police cruiser. He then arrogantly used the police communication devices, asking the police officers questions about what type of sentence he could expect for the crimes he was committing. 10 years ago Winkel may have successfully escaped authorities, but with almost all police vehicles now having GPS tracking systems installed, Winkel had zero chance of getting away.

GPS Tracking System Records Police Chase

When Minnesota Police accessed the GPS vehicle tracking data they were able to effortlessly discover that the police car was heading into Iowa, driving at speeds in excess of 120 mph. The police began to pursue the stolen vehicle, following the GPS tracking data meticulously. The GPS tracker documented Winkel driving erratically back-and-fourth from Minnesota and Iowa, placing all other motorists in serious danger before he radioed authorities to arrange turning himself in. An anonymous police source asserted that the GPS monitoring device was crucial to the chase ending without any casualties. “Winkel could not understand how the police knew everywhere he was going, and the police may never have had that advantage if it were not for the vehicle tracking device”, said the anonymous source.

Winkel was forced to plead guilty to the crimes because of the highly detailed account of the night’s events by the real time GPS tracker. He will be back in court next March to receive his sentence.

Winkel’s record includes prior arrests for grand theft auto and fleeing from a police officer.

Police did not comment on whether or not the GPS device in the police cruiser was the Victoria tracking system, a real-time monitoring system that is popular among law enforcement agencies.