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online_resourceOver the past 20 years, GPS technology has taken both the consumer and business worlds by storm. Navigation systems have helped improve the consumer market by giving motorists a way to route around traffic jams, and find their way if they become lost when driving in unfamiliar areas. Some of these GPS devices even come with cool safety features that can alert a dispatcher if it appears the car has been in an accident. The dispatcher can then contact local police or medical authorities to provide assistance. From the business perspective, GPS tracking system technology has provided companies large and small a unique way to monitor driving habits of employees, document mileage and improve the overall efficiency of fleet of vehicles. Whether the need is for navigation or tracking technologies, GPS can help improve the lives of consumers and boost profit/accountability in the business world.

Most people have a fairly decent understanding of what both real time GPS tracking and navigation technology are, but for those interested in learning more about the satellite technology that helps improve routing, mileage documentation and people if they are lost in an unfamiliar area, Tracking System Direct has compiled a list of online resources that will guide people to the answers they seek.

Tracking System Direct has prided itself on an ongoing commitment to bringing consumers, businesses and law enforcement agencies the absolute best vehicle tracking devices the industry has to offer. This is why every product that is featured on our e-commerce platform goes through the most stringent testing and evaluation. Looking to expand this commitment and vision, we have chosen to provide this online resource guide for anyone interested in gaining more knowledge about GPS.

General GPS Information

GPS: A government created site that provides an assortment of information related to GPS technology, including how GPS units are used in space, aviation, agriculture, recreation, public safety and other applications.

Geofence: Wikipedia page dedicated to explaining how virtual boundaries are set over predetermined geographical locations.

GPS Tracking Review: An online review site dedicated to testing and evaluating the hottest products on the GPS monitoring market, and most popular GPS companies across the globe.

United States Coast Guard Navigation Center: General information regarding GPS, service interruptions, GPS Ops advisories, NANU information,  GPS status and outage information and more.

GPS Navigational Technology

Garmin: A leader in the navigation industry, Garmin brings the global community an assortment of GPS tools that can give drivers turn-by-turn directions, cut strokes off a golfer’s scorecard and more.

GPS Tracking Technology

GPS Tracking: LandAirSea Systems, a global distributor of GPS monitoring units for over 15 years, has provided some of the most popular trackers in the industry. A device manufactured by LandAirSea was used as evidence in a grand jury murder trial, the first ever documented case where a tracking data led to a murder conviction.

GPS Trackers: GPS Tracker Shop provides the latest in GPS monitoring software and systems for cars, trucks and fleet operations.

Mapping Programs

Google Earth: A global satellite image program that is rich in geographical content and features. Google Earth is one of the most popular mapping programs among passive GPS tracking systems.

Bing Maps: Virtual Earth mapping program that allows users to view lcoation data in an easy and user-friendly way.