GPS Tracking Systems/Theft Recovery

Police Follow GPS Tracking Data


New York & Wyoming Police Work Together

Vehicle Tracking Device Leads To Return Of Stolen Vehicle

Wyoming law enforcement was able to catch a thief who stole a 2009 Pontiac G6 by working with New York police who successfully relayed information they were receiving from a GPS tracking system that was installed to the stolen vehicle.

The Pontiac was owned by a rental car company and had been equipped with the vehicle tracking unit in case the automobile was ever stolen.

Many car rental companies now use real-time trackers such as the SilverCloud GPS to provide theft protection and a way to monitor their fleet of vehicles.

When a local trooper who was already on the lookout for the stolen vehicle spotted the Pontiac, he quickly called for assistance and stopped the stolen vehicle, arresting the three passengers.

When searching through the contents inside of the stolen vehicle police discovered cameras, iPods, computer equipment, cellular equipment and a large sack of jewelry estimated to be worth nearly $40,000. The jewelry was discovered to be stolen from a local jeweler in the Rock Springs area.

The three suspects who were arrested ranged in age from 21-32 and all lived in the Brooklyn area.

When asked about the stolen car, the rental car company stated the value in having their fleet equipped with GPS monitoring systems.

Source: Star Valley