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Police are always looking for the best-of-the-best when it comes to GPS units. This is because most police agencies don’t need GPS for routing or navigation, but rather tracking of criminals. GPS tracking systems have become one of the more popular tools among police departments large and small because of the recent economic events that have put a financial strain on many police budgets. Although budget cuts and financial strain are nothing new to the men in blue, law enforcement is continuing to keep an upper-hand on criminals through the use of the most popular police GPS unit on the market, the GPS Tracking Key Pro.

In a market full of both GPS data logging equipment and live tracking units, the Flashback GPS continues to stand above the competition when it comes to monitoring superiority. Although I could give a complete product description full of specifications and features, there are only two main reasons why this car tracking unit is the one police agencies call upon.

First of all, the Flashback GPS has more flexibility than any other navigation or tracking system on the market. This is due to the rare earth magnet that was built into the tracker during the development process. The rare Earth magnet gives vehicle tracking users the ability to place the tracking unit on, inside or under the target vehicle, making covert placement ease. This is an important feature to police personnel looking to quickly slap the tracker to the underframe of a vehicle, or other covert placement.

Although covert placement flexibility is one of the reasons why police prefer this device over other trackers on the market, the main reason why the Flashback GPS is the system of choice among the good guys is because of power. Battery power is life is important when conducting surveillance operations and no system has more battery life than the Flashback GPS. With it’s the superior internal electrical system, the passive GPS can record over 50 hours of driving time without requiring an additional battery pack. This allows police to gain more data, and build stronger cases.

The Flashback GPS has an assortment of advantageous features, but with a strong exterior magnetic mount and strongest battery life on the market, it is easy to see why this unit is the no monthly fee GPS tracker of choice among police.

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