Stealth Stun Guns


Self-Defense Systems With A Charge

Covert Stun Guns Offer Additional Personal Protection

cell_phone_stun_gun_2One of the more popular forms of product that meet the standards of non-lethal self-defense are stun guns, also known as tasers. These personal security systems, when activated, have the ability to send out an enormous electrical charge strong enough to disable or “stun” any possible attacker(s). Although people are probably some what familiar with the older version and models of stun gun, many people may be shocked to realize that the technology has improved substantially over the past few years. Today, stun guns are even more powerful, compact and covert than ever before, making the self-defense weapons easy to carry or conceal. One of these personal security stun gun systems that has created quite a buzz is the cell phone stun gun.

The great thing about non-lethal self protection tools is that they allow anyone to protect themselves, but without causing permanent or lethal damage to another. The self-defense items can be easily carried, and often times will blend in with ordinary technological devices that people carry everyday, as is the case with the cell phone gun. Sometimes classified as a surveillance tool, cell phone stun guns make it easy for anyone to increase personal protection while not drawing any attention to themselves. This is because the revolutionary design of the cell phone stun gun makes the device perfectly resemble a typical cellular phone! Although the cell phone stun gun is not an actual working cellular communication device, the unit does have the ability to send a powerful electrical charge into anyone who dares mess with you!

Personal Security

When most people think of security they often think of GPS tracking technology, keystroke logger equipment or hidden camera devices. Rarely, do they think about the self-defense tools that can be  carried and concealed on a daily basis. This is important to note because many people forget that a micro camera won’t stop an attacker, it will only record the event. A GPS monitoring system will not stop a person from stealing your vehicle, it will only show police where the vehicle is moving. Stun guns such as the cell phone stun gun can be carried in a jean pocket or purse every single day, allowing anyone to quickly defend themselves if they are caught in a moment of trouble.

The statistics surrounding violence continue to increase even among youths, and this is why it is so important for people to protect themselves all of the time. Stun guns help boost personal protection and provide people a greater sense of safety. However, the best thing about devices such as the cell phone stun gun are that they can easily be concealed and carried without drawing attention, allowing the person carrying the self-defense tool to go about their day without drawing attention to themselves.