Trying To Stop Puppy Mills

Breeding Puppies For Profits

Puppy Mills & Animal Cruelty


Many people have heard the term “puppy mill” and understand that they are a bad thing, but many people do not understand how serious the problem of breeding puppies for profits has become. Many groups such as Helping Animals, North Shore Animal League of America and PETA have done their best to expose puppy mills for the terror and abuse they cause so many poor and helpless animals, but the abuse still sadly continues in every state every single day.

Many of the animals born in puppy mills live in terrible conditions without shelter from the cold of Winter or heat of Summer. They are not given proper veterinarian care, and eventually reach pet stores in a place near you where they will continue to stay in confined spaces, sitting, eating and sleeping in their own filth.

As much as every puppy from a puppy mill suffers it is sadly the female dogs who receive the harshest treatment, breeding and breeding dogs over-and-over again until they are unable to reproduce anymore. Once a female has bred to her capacity she is then no longer needed and typically euthanized.

According to animal statistics obtained by GPS tracking system company Tracking System Direct, nearly 2.7 million dogs were killed last year alone because there were more dogs than families to adopt them. However, the puppy mill breeders don’t care because they can continue to over-breed animals and kill the overstock once the puppies become too old.

Most families prefer to only adopt puppies near the age of 12 weeks old.

Sadly, many states have no legislation, making the inhumane acts legal. The puppies are considered livestock, and because so can treat the animals with little respect or compassion.

What Can I Do?

For starters, do not buy any animals from pet shops ever! With so many animals, including pure breeds, being put down every day there is no need for pet stores to exist. In fact, it is online pet stores and neighborhood pet shops that continue to fund and fuel the puppy mill problems. Everyday animals are abused and sold through puppy mills, and it is these shops that keep the problem going.

If you feel compelled to purchase through a breeder then do your homework. Contact people in animal forums and other online networks to make sure the breeder is responsible and reputable.

Tracking System Opinion

What type of penalty or jail time should people who abuse animals receive?

Should people accused of animal cruelty be forced to wear a GPS tracking device such as the SilverCloud tracking system that law enforcement agencies can access at anytime to ensure they are not continuing to abuse animals?

Should police use GPS trackers such as the GPS Tracking Key or Flashback GPS tracker to conduct surveillance of people suspected of running puppy mills?