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sharedgpstrackingGPS vehicle monitoring hardware has proven to be one of the most effective methods to increase the efficiency of both automotive fleets and employees operating those vehicular assets. However, many of the fleet tracking solutions available for businesses require managers to either download monitoring software to a central computer or go online to a website in order to observe real-time vehicle movements. This can create some challenges for companies that want to also give employees access to vehicle monitoring data to keep efforts connected and streamlined. The reason is many mobile versions of websites simply don’t update and refresh tracking data in a fluid fashion, making it difficult for each employee working outside of the office to access GPS monitoring system data, even when 3G is present. This is the primary reason why so many enterprises with GPS vehicle management needs are instead opting to use mobile tracking system apps to network their fleets.

It is said that over 90% of Americans now own cellular phones and the majority of those mobile communication device users have smart phones. That means that those people have phones that can access email, receive text messages and browse the Internet. That also means those people can download an app on their smart phones that will allow them to access live GPS monitoring data, program speed alerts, receive geo-fence breaches and more.

“Navigation apps such as iMaps and Google Maps have really brought GPS monitoring technology into the mainstream world for mobile users”, explained a fleet tracking specialist for a Southern California monitoring company. “With people now familiar viewing GPS data over satellite image programs accessible from smart phones their is a certain level of comfort for users, and this is part of the reason why so many businesses now have employees using mobile tracking apps such as the SilverCloud GPS (SC-GPS).”

GPS Monitoring For iPhones

What makes SC-GPS popular is that it works so effectively with iPhones, one of the most popular smart phone solutions on the market. By combining a free app with hardware, users with access to username and passcode info of their SC-GPS can have full control of their tracking data. This means the ability to set geographical fences, speed alerts, set routing utilities and have lifetime access to real-time GPS driving routes. The iPhone is essentially a gateway to viewing the exact location of an entire fleet of vehicles!

With such prevalent use of smart phone technology in the work place and a need for businesses to oversee vehicle activity, mobile tracking systems will most likely expand in use. This means it is only a matter of time before all iPhone users will be using their mobile phones to not only place phone calls but to also review locational data from their tracker devices.