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Where Is The Best Place To Put A GPS Tracker On A Car?

Where Are GPS Tracking Devices Placed On Cars? – Security Expert Tips!

Did you know that GPS tracking devices are used for auto-theft security, teen driving safety, and business fleet tracking? Yup! In fact, vehicle tracking systems can be used for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons can be good like in a business fleet management scenario. Whereas, some can be more unsavory like when a jaded wife secretly tracks her husband who she believes in cheating. But where is the best place to put a GPS tracker on a car? In this article, we will discuss the top 10 locations someone might hide a tracker in your car, and answer some frequently asked questions about hidden GPS trackers. Let’s go!

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Top 10 Spots GPS Trackers Are Hidden On Vehicles

Attached Underneath Vehicle:

The car GPS tracker could be attached to the under carriage of your vehicle, making it hidden from view and difficult to detect. Therefore, make sure you carefully look under your car for a tracker.

Plugged Into The OBDii Port:

The OBD2 port, which is located under the steering wheels in car, is a spot businesses often hide GPS tracker devices. Why? The OBD2 port provides power to the asset tracking device without a company having to hire a professional installer.

Hard-Wired Behind The Dashboard:

GPS units can be hard-wired into the vehicle’s 12-volt electrical system, making them completely hidden from a driver. This is how car dealerships often equip GPS trackers with starter disable if you fail to make a car payment.

Inside The Glove Compartment:

The glove compartment is a great hiding spot for wireless GPS trackers because the spot is easily accessible and conceals the tracking solution from drivers.

Underneath A Car Seat:

Placing the tracker underneath a car seat will make it difficult to detect and keeps the vehicle GPS safe from outside elements.

Hidden In The Rear Bumper:

The GPS car tracker can easily be hidden within the front or rear bumper of the vehicle, providing a discreet location for covert tracking.

In A Speaker Cabinet:

The tracker can be placed inside the speaker of the vehicle, providing a hidden location while still allowing the device to receive GPS signals.

Inside The Car’s Center Console:

The center console of a car is a common spot for GPS trackers as it provides a convenient and easily accessible location.

Dash Cam:

Most dual dash cameras now offer real time GPS tracking alongside live video feed. This type of tracking solution is commonly used in GPS fleet management.

Side Panel Of A Car Door:

The side panel of a car door is a spot most people don’t often check. Ideally, you would want to hide the tracker in the passenger side panel. This is so the car tracker won’t be visible to the driver.

GPS vehicle trackers are manufactured to connect to an OBDii port, be hard-wired to the vehicles’ 12-volt system, or operate as stand-alone, portable solutions.

Where To Hide A GPS Tracker

Photo: Where Is The Best Place To Put A GPS Tracker On A Car – Secret Spots!

Discovering The Users Behind Covert GPS Tracking – 6 Groups Who Use Hidden GPS Devices

Hidden GPS car trackers are used by a wide range of people for different purposes. Some of the most common users include:

  1. Private Investigators:Private detectives frequently use hidden GPS trackers to gather evidence for their cases.
  2. Law Enforcement: Police and other law enforcement agencies use real time GPS trackers to track the movements of suspects and criminals.
  3. Parents Of Teen Drivers: Parents use teen GPS trackers to monitor their driving behaviors to make sure they are driving safely.
  4. People Who Suspect Infidelity: Husbands, wives, or anyone who thinks their partner might be cheating will use GPS to track their spouse.
  5. Businesses: Many businesses use GPS fleet trackers to monitor the movements of company vehicles. GPS fleet management can help with optimized routing and file consumption reduction.
  6. Car Dealerships:Car dealers use GPS to monitor the whereabouts of the cars they sell for the purpose of a potential repo. This is outlined with the purchaser in buy here pay here financing agreements.

How Do You Know If There Is A Tracker On Your Car – Quick Tips!

So how can you know for sure that a vehicle tracker is hidden on your automobile? First, start by checking for any strange lights, like a brake light that is always on. This can suggest a tracker is hard-wired to your car. Next, do a visual inspection around the car seat cushion, front bumper, or any spot inside the car where you might see something unusual. A detailed visual inspection is a great way to find any of the GPS technologies that could be secretly tracking your vehicle.

If you suspect that there might be a personal GPS tracker in your car, also consider investing in detection device. GPS detection equipment can be found on Amazon for less than $50 and are awesome tools for locating hidden cameras or tracking devices inside your automobile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is The Best Spot To Hide A Tracking Device?

You can hide GPS trackers on your vehicle in multiple ways. First of all, keep in mind that these devices can be waterproof, and compact, and come with exterior magnetic mounts, which allow you to hide them discreetly outside of the car. Inside the vehicle, you can hide GPS trackers under a seat, in the glovebox, or in the center console. However, the best spot to conceal a tracking device is beneath the vehicle. Why under the vehicle? Wireless GPS trackers have sensitive internal antennas that can pick up GPS satellite signals reflected off the ground! Plus, it’s unlikely that the driver will search underneath the car for a GPS device.

I Found A GPS Tracker On My Car, What Should I Do!?

If you recently found a GPS tracker inside your car it can be an alarming experience. But before you freak out, here are 4 steps you want to follow:

  • Remove The Car GPS Tracker: If you found a GPS device inside the bumper or under your car, the first thing you want to do is remove it. As long as the car tracker isn’t connected to your vehicle’s electrical system, you can safely take the device off.
  • Disable The GPS Tracker: After removing the tracker, disable the device by removing the SIM card. If you need help with this, consult user manuals or contact the manufacturer for tech support. If
  • Find Out Who Fit The Tracker On Your Vehicle:Check the serial number of the tracker and contact the manufacturer to see if they can provide information about who purchased the device.
  • Contact Police: If you found a GPS tracker on your vehicle and have no idea who did it you need to file a police report. Police can investigate the matter and help you find out who put the tracker inside your car. If the person violated any privacy laws, police can make an arrest on your behalf.
Who Manufactured The GPS Tracker I Found On My Vehicle?

If you want to know who made the tracker you found on your vehicle the process is relatively easy. First, go to Amazon and do a search for “car tracking”. Filter the search by the top-rated GPS units. From there, you should be able to find the car tracker and discover who the manufacturer is. Lastly, reach out to the GPS manufacturer and ask them any questions you might have regarding the personal GPS tracker you found on your vehicle. They might even be able to tell you who purchased the device!

How Can I Block A GPS Device Hidden On My Automobile?

To block a GPS tracker hidden on your car, you can follow these steps:

  • Use A GPS Jammer: This device emits radio frequencies that interfere with GPS signals, making it difficult for the tracker to receive a signal. GPS jammers sell for less than $50 on Amazon.
  • Install A GPS Signal Blocker: This device is specifically designed to block GPS signals and can be installed in your vehicle to prevent tracking.
  • Use A Faraday Cage: This is a conductive material that blocks radio signals and can be used to cover your vehicle to prevent GPS tracking.
  • Conduct A Physical Search Of Your Vehicle: Look for any suspicious wires or devices that may be attached to your vehicle. If you find a GPS tracker on your car, simply remove it and dispose of it.
Can Used Car Dealers Put GPS Tracking Systems On The Cars They Sell?

Yes, car dealerships can install GPS tracking systems on the vehicles they sell. In some places, the buyer must be made aware of the tracking device inside their car and consent to its installation. In other places, written consent from the buyer may be required. This is usually done when you purchase the vehicle.

In the case of buy here pay here car dealerships, which offer in-house financing for vehicle purchases, it’s especially important to be aware of the use of GPS tracking systems. This is because real time GPS car trackers are frequently used to monitor the vehicle’s location to ensure timely payments on the financing agreement.

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