What People Do While Driving

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Distracted Woman Shows How Some People Drive

The above video was a viral YouTube sensation, receiving over 12 million plays, but what the humorous video really showcases is the stupid things people do while operating a motor vehicle. In the short video clip, a woman discusses how she plans on “accidentally” running into her partner at the park, and how she intends on seducing him with her Kool-Aid dyed hair and cleavage propped up. She discusses her relationship with “Peter” and how the two have been dating for over a year, but she also explains that her significant other may be cheating on her with a girl named Rachel. Although there is nothing wrong with her wanting to “accidentally” bump into her boyfriend or even discussing her personal life on video, what is problematic is that she is doing so while driving.

Distracted driving is one of the primary causes of motor vehicle accidents, and by video tapping herself with her cellular phone while driving, the woman in the above clip is clearly more concerned with personal matters than the road. What is even more shocking is that she actually passes by a traffic accident, and almost is involved in a minor fender-bender of her own while the 3-minute video is being captured! The only thing on her mind is looking sexy for her man, neglecting the fact that she is in control of an automobile that has the potential to inflict serious and life-altering damage to pedestrians and others sharing the roadways.

With driving being such a serious issue, many parents have begun using teen tracking systems to monitor teenage driving habits and business vehicle tracking systems for fleet management applications. Basically, a family would never want their teenage driver acting like the woman in the above video, and a business would have serious liability issues if a company driver acted like the woman in the above video during day-to-day operations.

Tracking System Direct wants everyone to watch the above video for a good laugh, but to also remember that driving is a serious business. Please put the phone away while driving and pay attention to the road the moment you place the keys into the ignition. Distracted driving can result in serious consequences and repercussions. And do not ever videotape yourself while driving a damn car!